Tuesday, November 6, 2012

In review--Remembering the South

Silvana Kane
La Jardinera
Six Degrees Records

Silvana Kane (Canadian band Pacifika) offers an enchanting solo debut La Jardinera, featuring nueva cancion (new songs) from South America.  The minimalist approach of Kane’s yearning vocals set against a framework of acoustic guitar, banjo, bass and trumpet gives off an intimate feeling as if we sit in Silvana’s living room while she shares her favorite songs.  Kane reaches back to her childhood living in Peru, Canada and the United States when she discovered celebrated Latin American singer-songwriters such as Mercedes Sosa, Violeta Parra, and Chabuca Granda.  Kane transforms the folkloric songs into contemporary lullabies, which Kane sings in sweet, whispery Spanish.  Since I’m a fan of South American folk songs and warm acoustic music, I enjoy immersing myself in Kane’s recording.  When I first listened to the CD, I also visited YouTube to watch Kane’s sensual and touching videos.

The CD opens with Chabuca Granda’s Cardo o Ceniza which features thumb piano, guitar and trumpet that create an atmospheric effect.  Other stand outs are Kane’s Cruces with starts out with Mexican flavored trumpet and plucky banjo that recalls another Canadian-based Latina vocalist, Lhasa, Duerme Negrito with its cute phrasing, the melodic title track composed by Violeta Parra and Fito Paez’s Yo Vengo a Ofrecer Mi Corazón, which I first heard sung by another Peruvian singer Tania Libertad.  With songs from Argentina, Chile, and Peru, plus two songs penned by Kane, this debut brings smiles laced in melancholy and bittersweet nostalgia.  Kane resurrects the ghosts of Sosa and Parra (for a few brief moments), while paving the way for younger South American singer-songwriters.  The CD ends with the Kane showing off this new talent as she sings Vida Llena accompanied by her favorite instrument, an African thumb piano.



  1. Silvana just rocks. She's got a great smooth voice that mesmerizes who ever is in the audience. You can listen to her over and over again. Te adoro Silvi...

  2. I agree with you in that the singer's vocals mesmerize, understated at first, then she's enraptured her listeners.