Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Practice--Musical Practices in the Aquarius Age

I've been wondering about music uses for the Aquarius Age. This new age represents energy, frequency, and let's add, intent. As we grow more consciously aware of the healing power of music and sound therapies, how do we take this information into practice? What do we need to focus upon? Here is information that is being downloaded for me at this time.

Lyrical Content

Since virutally anyone on a spiritual path these days has heard about the power of words then why are people still using shock words or profanity? And why are they marrying these low-vibrational words to musical frequencies and contours (harmonies, chords, notes, etc)?

The words we speak and the words we sing matter. Many choruses in songs repeat phrases and these phrases act like hooks in our brain often lasting through the course of a day. Not only that, the phrases become like mantras. So, are we singing about our Divine Connection and spreading love in the world or are we listening to, "Like a Virgin" or "I can't get no satisfaction"? Are we listening to songs about unrequited love or revenge? Believe it or not, what we listen to affects every cell in our body and ripples out to the entire collective because we communicate telepathically or we send out unconscious signals.

Rhythm and Tempo

The beats we play as well as the tempo of a song, affect brainwave patterns. They either place us in trances or get us moving. A shaman uses one type of beat, trance dancers use another, and then the masses of unconscious people expose their bodies to rhythms and tempos that interact with their natural rhythms including the rhythms of the brain and heart. So, as musicians, therapists, and music listeners we must develop a consciousness around the effects of tempos and rhythm.

Sway the Masses Through Emotions

This is not a new concept. Music has been used throughout history by all cultures to manipulate and control emotions and responses. And while it has been used negatively, we can use music and emotions consciously too for healing purposes such as with music therapy practices.

In the Aquarius Age, we combine musical frequencies and tones with other healing modalities. We learn how to heal each organ with corresponding notes, keys, and phrases. We have the ability to heal mental and emotional imbalances with sound alone.

Let's not detach from the beauty of music which is a side effect of Aquarius energy. We use the energy of Leo, the polar opposite sign to enhance melodies, write poetry, and move the masses through creativity and from the feelings of the heart.

Aquarius Age and Music

We have many opportunities to use music for awaking consciousness, for healing on all levels, and for promoting peace and justice. We will use sound frequencies to purify air, water, and the earth as well as, to help grow crops. But the shadow side is that tones can be used to control the masses as with brainwashing, and discordant tones could destroy crops, or destroy water molecules (and we are made up of 70%) water. Sadly, these destructive tones are already on the planet as is destructive music that was composed mindlessly rather than mindfully.

So, what is your role as a musical practitioner?

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