Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Practice--Lifting Your Body's Vibration with Music

I have been concerned with lower vibration or frequencies that bombard each of us. Since I am sensitive I can tell when my vibration has lowered. 

Electrical fields, loud music in shops, profanity, news reports, violence, and aggression of all kinds lower vibrations. When our vibration lowers we become susceptible to disease and depression. 

We lose a sense of empowerment and others find it easier to manipulate and control our thoughts and behavior.

However, in contrast to that, we raise our vibration when we engage in harmonious relationships with others. We raise our vibration when we sing, play music, dance, listen to life-affirming songs, certain instruments (such as harp, flute, and drums, as opposed to drum machines), when we hang out in nature, when we eat high vibrational (organic and ethically-raised food) and when we practice self-care. Prayer, meditation, and yoga also raise vibration. I have also worked with photography and video making to raise my vibration.

Of course, we live in a mixed vibrational world. We can't hang out in crystalline caves singing chants all days, but we can carry crystals and gemstones on our body or wear them as pendants. We can choose to focus on the positive and gratitude. We can take Epsom salt baths, go for nature walks, hang out with animals, sing, dance, and there's another activity that I discovered recently that keeps our vibration levels high.

If you are unable to carry a portable music listening device with you, then recall an upbeat song that you can replay in your thoughts. When you walk into a lower vibration setting, carry that song in your body as if you wear it. And if you also are wearing crystals then you can boost that song's vibration further. So I'm going to get you started with some vibration boosters. 

Pop Songs:

Be Happy
Walking on Sunshine
My Girl
What a Wonderful World
Here Comes the Sun
I Feel The Earth Move 
Beautiful (also by Carole King) 
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

Jazz & Latin

Rhapsody in Blue
Ma Vie en Rose
gypsy jazz (genre)
Oye Como Va


Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun
Ode to Joy (choral and instrumental)
Ravel's Piano Concerto in G Major (2nd Movement)
Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No. 3 (1st & 2nd movement)
Copland's Appalachian Spring
Copland's Rodeo 
Comical operas (Italian and Mozart)

As with anything, give this practice a try. And as you do, add more music to the happy list. Remember to stay away from profanity, screechy guitar, and drum machines for best results. The music should never sound robotic but have an organic feel to it. Just like processed foods lead to health problems I believe that overly processed music leads to nervous tension and lowers vibration. Just like we are what we eat food wise, we're also what we digest music wise. Music is after all sound vibration that lingers under our skin and in our auras. What signals do you wish to release in the world? And more importantly, what signals do you want reflected back to you?

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