Monday, August 19, 2013

Fund Raiser (marketing budget for Whole Music Soul Food for the Mind body Spirit)

As some you know the book publishing industry has changed in the last decade.  I landed a contract with the independent cooperative publisher Synclectic Media for my book Whole Music (Soul Food for the Mind Body Spirit).  While the publisher graciously copy edited, formatted the book and designed the book cover, the authors handle the marketing and media promotion.  Even with bigger publishers, the author is taking on the marketing and promotion role.

This means that I need to raise $500 for my early marketing and promotion.   If only five people donate $100 through the PayPal button set up on the right side of the blog, I will have raised the money for postage, media copy books, envelopes, and stationary for press releases and flyers.  Anyone donating $100 or more will receive a free copy of Whole Music, but you can also donate lesser amounts and have your name mentioned on this blog and the Whole Music Experience website.

Other ways you can support the development of the book's marketing fund is by purchasing my romantic comic novel, Agnes and Yves at

And of course, I encourage you to buy Whole Music for yourself, friends and colleagues since future royalties will help me to continue to promote the book, pay for travel expenses, and whatever it takes to get this book out into the world.

I am also available to teach workshops and give book lectures in western Washington.  Contact me at wholemusicexp at to book me for a series or a workshop.

Thank you for your kind and generous support.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Practice--Indigenous Music Exchange and Exploration

the ruins of Machu Pichu
In a world saturated with western pop music or westernized pop music in the East, we have forgotten how to connect to the natural world via music.  We have also lost our listening and appreciation skills for sound vibrations in the same way that people who consume junk food lose their ability to taste real food.

Couple that scenario with the fact that we are losing languages and musical traditions in the same way that animals are becoming extinct on the planet.  Our collective heritages and lineages are encoded in these musical traditions, not to mention our personal identities.  When this happens we stumble over our own roots, that is if we have enough roots to keep us grounded and centered in the natural world or our natural place on the planet.

With this in mind, I have visited YouTube (yes, the irony of using technology to connect us back to nature) to bring you these indigenous music treasures.  Once you explore these videos, you'll want to delve further and I hope you pursue those desires.  Let's start off with Native American Peyote Songs, then head over to the Cook Islands, and then to Mali to visit the Dogon People, finally we will land in Samiland where we will listen to a Saami yoik in the traditional way.  And I included a few extras.

Bon voyage!

Peyote Song (Sacred Ceremony)

Listening to this song doesn't give you license to ingest peyote

Traditional Music from the Cook Islands 

Let's have fun and contrast this video with Native American Pow-Wow dancing

And here is the Dance of the Jaguar (Aztec Tribal Dance)  

Song from the Dogon Tribe of Mali 

Sami Traditional Yoik

Let's contrast this with Inuit throat-singing  (Sami also perform throat-singing, but it doesn't resemble the Inuits performing here).

If you enjoy this type of post, then buy my book Whole Music, available on August 20 on Synclectic Media.  I'll add the link as soon as I receive it.