Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Practice--Vibration in Words and Music

Anyone who has been involved with new age practices with a focus on the Law of Attraction already knows about the power of words.  But do you know about the power of words playing in the background such as with songs that play in the stores you shop or on your favorite radio station or during those trips to YouTube?

While we lacked awareness about the power of words in former decades such as the 1950 through 1980s, we can no longer claim that ignorance.  We have witnessed and experienced how the words of popular songs have affected our lives collectively.  Words that transformed into twisted mantras backed by programmed drum beats and loud guitars that blasted through our chakras bringing us unease and imbalance.

I listen to a lot of songs from various genres during my visits to YouTube.  Often times, I find myself wanting to understand why a certain song plays on the repeat mode in my brain when I haven't heard that song in years.  I ask myself why that song comes up now and perhaps the song comes from my Higher Self or the Spirit Guides that I work with as a message for me to pay attention to what I am creating in my life!

So recently, I had the song "It's So Easy" playing over again in my thoughts.  This is a song once belted out by Linda Ronstadt to a Tex-Mex beat and crunchy guitars.  It's actually an upbeat song on the surface, but I think its deeper message is to become conscious of who we attract in our life and to prevent ourselves from becoming overly attached or suffer some type of consequences.  But this song led me further in listening to other songs by this musician and what I discovered, if you look at her life circumstances over the years and her songs about heartbreak and self-pity, is she attracted more of the same.  But we didn't know much about the power of words and music during that time.  We were growing and just moving into this direction as we remembered the teachings of the ancient ones.

And I don't want to pick on Linda Ronstadt because she is a fabulous vocalist who writes strong and memorable melodies.  We could choose any artist and explore the lyrics of any pop or rock song for instance and find much self-loathing.  And this is because we can now see from a higher place just how far we have evolved in the past few decades!  However, this still means that we need to pay attention to words, intention behind the words, emotions behind the words and repetition of the words where they become like mantras, especially on choruses where a phrase is repeated.

So what do we do when we are inundated with songs in the background and foreground of our lives? How do we wash ourselves of these influences when they don't manifest peace and love in our lives? What happens when our belief systems and patterns revolve around these songs? Do we run for the hills and seek silent refuge?

In my case, I followed the words playing in my head and I made these discoveries leading to this blog post.  The words could also take us to a deeper part of us that needs healing or to a belief we didn't even know we harbored.  In those cases the songs bring us healing because they take us into the hidden parts of ourselves that we normally would not have had access! And we can practice consciousness no matter what song we listen to.  For instance, one of Ronstadt's songs goes like this, "I've been put down, I've been mistreated..." and maybe we hear those words because we believe that's true about our own lives.  And perhaps we aren't attracting healthy and harmonious relationships because we believe this and so knowing we feel this way, we can now take steps towards healing those beliefs.

The Practice:

Pay attention to song lyrics that get played in a loop in your mind

Explore those words and what they mean to you.

Once you make a connection to those words and the circumstances in your life 
and uncover your beliefs, try using EFT tapping or some other form of energetic release.

If you're working with a music therapist, sound healer or life coach, bring this discovery to their attention so they can support you in the release process.

Don't dismiss a song because you feel the lyrics are negative and could harm you.  Those words might be exactly what you want to hear because you attracted those words to you.

Again, explore why those words come to you or why your mind tunes into them, then release them.

To clear your aura, take a warm bath with Epsom salt or clear with sound healing tools such as Tibetan singing and crystal bowls.  If you feel that any of these word vibrations are blocking your chakras (good chance that they are), clear your chakras with sound healing tools or through toning.  You can even find videos on YouTube to help you with this.

As you engage in this practice, you grow more conscious spiritually and wise to the power of words.  If you are a musician and songwriter yourself, you will choose the words in your songs wisely and from an energetic perspective.  As you do this, you bring healing to yourself and others around you.  And if your songs ever play in the background of a business, you touch those people too.