Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Practice--Cleansing Lower Vibrations Caused by Background Music

photo by Patricia Herlevi
For people who are more sensitive, walking into a store or other business that plays background music can disturb their auras. As we awaken consciousness through sound vibration businesses for the most part lag behind. It's so tempting to stop frequenting those businesses, yet, there are other ways to protect your personal frequencies.

And as we move deeper into the Aquarius Age, frequency is where it's at.

In the future, I will post on the harmful effects of background music as well as, links to articles promoting the psychological effects of background music (used to sell more product and influence customer's behavior). But for now, I'm concentrating on ways you can protect your personal vibration when exposed to harmful sounds and text.

My other concern has to do with natural foods and even organic foods exposed to rock and pop music. The first time, this consideration popped into my mind was in 2007. I had already launched the Whole Music blog and I knew about Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals and sound vibration. I had a job interview at a natural grocer delivery service--a van service that delivered organic produce to people's doorsteps.

When I walked into the back office for the interview, I got a glimpse of the warehouse.  And the workers in the warehouse packaging the produce listened to heavy metal music (I'm not joking). Instead of engaging in a light interview and landing the job, I chose to speak up about the harmful music vibrations on the food because I felt it was tainting the vegetables and fruit (which are comprised of a high percentage of water). Needless to say I wasn't hired.

The interviewer's response (she was much younger than me by the way), was a polite, "Thank you for your concerns." I get that a lot when I'm informing others about sound vibrations. And since that time, the food coop where I shop almost daily has started playing hard rock in the background. This has to do with new employees, I'm sure of it, since I had not noticed this hard rock playing in the background prior. Whole Foods is another store that plays rock and pop music in the background. And actually, this lack of music awareness exists with most businesses, even one's who sell "healthy" food.

So here are some practices to help you raise your vibration and the vibration of your food. After all, we digest both physical and musical foods. Just like bad food can leave us with an upset stomach, rash or headache, so can lower vibrations from sound and music.

Take Epsom salt baths at the end of a day (if you want to purify your water from chlorine and flouride, filter in clay into your bath water, not in clumps)

Bless your food before eating it or play high vibrational music for your food such as sacred chants, Mozart, Bach, or Native American flute (this will also improve your assimilation of the food)

If businesses accept customer input and comments, suggests that they play world, classical, or jazz music in the store (they'll probably tell you they tune into a radio station which they can easily switch to a community radio station specializing in jazz or classical)

After you taking a cleansing salt bath (or use sea salt soap in a shower), listen to new age, world, classical or jazz music that makes you feel invigorated 

Wear black gemstones on your body during the day and sleep with turquoise under your pillow at night (cleanses your aura and have other health effects)

Take Bach flower remedies or other flower essences (I like the Yarrow Environmental blend from F.E.S.).

Meditate before going to sleep and meditate upon awakening 

If you carry a portable music device, make sure you include classical, new age, and sacred chants on it then listen to this music throughout the day (especially when frequenting businesses that play background music)

When I have room in my backpack, I bring my tablet and headphones with me. I am only able to tune into songs on YouTube at this time since the machine has little drive for downloading songs. And I find the commercials on YouTube jarring and annoying. But I noticed that when I tuned into Bach the other day, my vibrations lifted quickly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.