Thursday, January 7, 2016

Raise Your Music Consciousness in 2016

Listen to Tibetan musician Nwang Khechog's recordings
As the frequency on the planet continues to rise and more people discover the connection between sounds and their physical well-being, why not join them? Raise your consciousness through the art of listening to music.

The best way to do this, and I've mentioned it already in numerous posts, is to keep a music diary or journal to track physical, mental, and emotional effects of music. Basically, any notebook or journal will work. Create three columns and write "Physical," "Emotional" and "Mental" at the top of the columns. Then on the left hand side write down the piece of music or genre you heard, location where you heard it, and time of day.

Granted, since we live in a world wallpapered with music and sound frequencies, you're not going to be able to cover every soundbite you hear throughout the day or evening. However, if you are at the grocery store or mall and you notice strong reactions to music playing at that time, make a note of that. And take notes for other energies happening at that time, such as other people's moods, crowds, the attitude of the people who work in that establishment, etc...

A Filetta, Corsican vocal music
But mainly focus on the music that you choose to listen to and the effects you experience. Jot down the types of activities you were performing when listening to that music, if it was in the background. And then write down (in your notes), the types of songs and music that appeals to you at this time.

Some other ways of raising your frequency include working with sound healing tools such as tuning forks, tuned bowls, and sound healing recordings. Now, when you use the tools yourself you have more control over the keys your playing, whereas, when you listen to a recording, you get what you get so choose wisely.

Another option is to find favorite pieces of music or songs on YouTube (provided you're not inundated with commercials, especially loud commercials). I enjoy surfing YouTube because I've discovered artists and recordings not previous known to me. I've also discovered channels that focus just on classical music of a specific era, a particular composer or sub genre, or instruments with particular timbre that I require at a specific time. You can also find sacred chants on YouTube which prove relaxing and uplifting or the sounds of nature, such as whale songs.

Try classical music
Finally, in 2016, join a choir if you enjoy singing and cooperating with others or a drum circle, if you prefer something more rhythmic that doesn't involve the voice. You can also take dance classes, learn to play an instrument or take singing lessons. There is ample scientific proof now that the brain develops not just from listening to music, but actually learning how to play it. Mostly, the research is aimed at early development, but I feel that adults benefit too by learning a music instrument, especially with all the new research on neuroplasty.

Since we're still in the process of launching 2016, now is the best time to develop a music program in your life to lift your frequency. Happy New Year.