Monday, May 18, 2015

21st Century Healer Series--Myrrh de Marmion

Welcome to the Sound of You

Whole Music Experience: As far as sound healers go, you appear traditional with the sound healing tools including voice, but you offer other modalities that derive from ancient musical practices and other art disciplines.  Please describe your overall work with sound as a healing tool.

Myrrh de Marmion: In my younger years, I was classically trained in music in piano, guitar, drums, and voice, also a trained dancer for many years as well. So I have that training. However, I went through a period of about 35 years where I did nothing with my training actively, and I was mainstream. In 1998, I began formal study of energy healing modalities, mysticism, Ancient Egyptian and other ancient practices. Soon after my Reiki Master/Teacher attunement, I experienced a number of awakenings between 2001 and 2007 that sent me on a roller coaster ride of remembering downloads of information, activations and initiations. And since 2007 it has been a period of integration of information, study, practice and the formal training in energy modalities that has formed the basis of my vibrational work. 

It isn’t just sound for me anymore. We’re all vibration and I see that vibration shows up in different forms, but it is all the same. I work with sound/vibration in many ways – in large group meditations; in groups with specific needs such as cancer/catastrophic health issues, anxiety and depression, etc.; in interactive grief circles to help individuals give voice to loss while essentially resurrecting the ancient practice of keening; with individuals who are in their life transition, as a way of helping them relax and let go; and in private sessions. I also teach workshops in sound/vibration/energy – from very basic introductory classes to advanced workshops to help healers/therapists/body workers integrate these vibrational tools effectively into their work. I am working on getting these certified for CEUs.

Our Divine Heart (heart chakra) is the biggest generator of love because we’re all essentially very powerful generators and when we begin, intend, and run intentional sound through love, it becomes an incredibly potent fuel. Because we are all vibration, when we produce sound through the intention of love it has an immensely powerful effect on and in an individual’s energy field and various levels of body.  While I accompany myself on various other instruments, such as Tibetan bowls and percussion, my main tool is my voice. I am one of those that sees energy and I also hear the sounds to make.  I turn my voice over to whatever shows up, spiritual improv I guess.  These are word sounds and probably most similar to Tom Kenyon’s work. When in private sessions, I also run these same frequencies through my fingers into various points and ley lines on the body.  I see a light grid in an individual, and breaks show up as flashes of light needing sound/vibration.

WME: A quote on your website captured my attention, “The human voice is the highest vibrational healing tool available to us.” You also mention that people are afraid of their own voice. How do you teach your clients how to tone and work with this powerful tool?

MM:  Because we are all vibration, I know without a doubt that we all have the ability to bring ourselves back into tune with our voices. I know that in almost all dis-eases and dis-orders, there is a vibration that is missing or out of whack.  A denser something that is holding imbalance in place.  The lost chord.  And the thing is, it is in the hearing/feeling/experiencing of that vibration that does it.  Because vibration is us and our vibration changes with our every thought and yet we each have a predominant vibrational bandwidth set point that we flow within as a general rule.  We can use the vibration of our voice and run through our Divine Heart, as I mentioned above to change that bandwidth.  From say anxiety to peace, or whatever. 
That vibration doesn’t necessarily need to be out loud.  I did a lot of experimentation with what I call silent sound on public buses, among other places, while I lived in Boulder. I would tap into the predominant feeling on the bus, which was usually pretty ookey, and I would hear a vibration of more expansive feeling and start generating that – silently.  I could hear the sound in my mind so I just let my vibration expand to engulf the bus.  And pretty soon, everyone was smiling and cracking jokes, etc.  It was intentional vibration, which is where I am now going with my work.  Way outside the box, without tools.  More of a state of calibrating our being-ness through our vibration.

Yes, I do believe that many individuals are afraid of their voice.  As a classically trained vocalist, I was trained to use my voice to sing.  And yet, being of the generation that was taught children should be seen and not heard, along with all the other garbage programming that we all get around communication, self-expression, and self-worth, I’ve gone through periods of deep inner work when I absolutely could not sing or sound, was terrified of singing, of being heard.  And it had nothing to do with singing.  How many are told at a young age in choir in school that they can’t sing?  Tone deaf?  Off key?  People naturally equate Sounding with singing.  Yet it is making the sounds you are guided to hear.  I help people feel the difference and experience their own powerful sound through a beautiful exercise that I lead people through in all of my workshops.  We take a journey through our bodies and make the sounds of all our feelings. 

Years ago, I read about Alfred Wolfson, who was a singing teacher who healed himself from PTSD that he experienced in the war (hearing the artillery fire and the cries of the wounded and dying).  He was guided to start making the sounds of what he heard and that is how he healed himself.  And he went on to incorporate that technique with individuals who were afraid to sing by making the sounds of their fears.  When I say that we can heal ourselves with sound/vibration  I mean that it is partly through making the sound of the imbalances within us.  In the exercise I offer, when we move through the garbage sounds, everything becomes angelic, and people are quite amazed at the sounds they create.

WME: On your blog you cite a story about a woman who had Stage 3 breast cancer and after several sessions toning with you, the tumor shrunk. You mention Dr. Mitchell Gaynor as an advocate for using sound to treat cancer patients.  This is new to me so would you please elaborate about how sound waves shrink tumors?

Your client also cleared emotional issues that found roots in earlier life events.  Did the toning bring up those memories so she could release them?

MM:  Let me clarify that in the case of the woman I worked with who healed herself of breast cancer, it was not the sound waves that shrunk the tumor.  Referring to the exercise I mentioned above - of making the sounds of feelings and imbalances within us, this is exactly what this woman did.  We did three sessions together  that were two weeks apart.  During our first session, this woman unearthed the memories of childhood sexual abuse that she had buried.  The memories were very traumatic for her, so I guided her through making the sounds of the feelings of everything.  
The sessions were taped, so she could work with the exercises between sessions.  Knowing what I know about vibration and the density of various emotions, I sense in her case that she dissolved the density of the vibration of the emotions residing in her energy field by giving voice to them and created a new vibrational output, so to speak, that was too high for the cancer to reside in. 

The same weekend that this woman informed me that her cancer was completely gone, I heard about Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, who is an Integrative Oncologist in New York.  He was being interviewed on NPR about using Sound for Cancer treatment.  He also has written books about sound therapy and cancer.  I don’t remember the exact statistics, but he has a patient remission (cure) rate of upwards of 95%.  He integrates a lot of different natural therapies in his protocol including, nutrition, supplements, etc.   
But one of the main therapies he encourages his patients to integrate that he actually teaches are meditation using sound, Tibetan Bowls, chant, etc.  If for no other reason that these practices ease the mind, induce a state a peace and tranquility, a state of rest where, when the body is aligned with that, can begin its natural healing capacities.  Dr. Gaynor has quite a few YouTube videos that deal with sound.  And his website: (Dr. Mitchell Gaynor) talks about his work with sound and other therapies, as well.

WME: Finally, you work with several tools including Tibetan bowls, and as mentioned earlier, the powerful human voice, what other instruments do you work with? Which is your favorite tool? I’m guessing its voice.

MM: Thank you.  Yes, my voice is my favorite and also I feel the most powerful tool as well.  I accompany myself with Tibetan Bowls, bells, percussion, etc.  They help to take individuals deeper into themselves during a private session or an Immersion.  And I use a wind gong many times to clear stagnant energy within the energy body.   But I feel strongly that the voice – my voice – other peoples’ voices, when used with intention through the Heart, is the most powerful inner tool we have.  Maybe it has the ability to talk to individuals on a different level regardless of what it sounds like at the time.

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