Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Practice--Synchronicity, Music, & Messages

Ever so often, I get a song that I hadn't heard in decades playing on the repeat mode in my brain. I used to complain about these ear worms, especially since they are usually rooted in songs I never actually liked, but that had strong text. Then one day a woman that I met in passing told me to pay attention to the text because it's carrying messages.

So here's the practice. Pay attention to songs that pop into your thoughts, especially after you have prayed or meditated on a situation or asked a question to the Universe. Not only that, pay attention to songs you hear in the background at stores or at least any snippets you might have picked up. You could also encounter these synchronicity messages on YouTube in your feed or someone could mention a song, or a song comes on the radio or plays in the soundtrack for a movie.

Since we're all busy we could forget about these songs during the course of the day. So I recommend carrying a small notebook that you can use as a music diary. This could be the same music diary you use for music consciousness development or a different one. And in this diary, jot down questions you have for the day, the week, and for your life in general. Then when a specific song captures your attention jot down the song's title if you know it and the phrase that gets your attention.Refer to it later when you have some quiet time.

You'll be amazed at how the Universe or God responds to us through songs. Also re-listen to the song if you don't find it offensive. And then play little movies in your thoughts as you listen to the song. This also brings up helpful nuggets of information. Play around with it. You might even find that the annoying ear worms disappears after you discover its message.

Another thing I discovered is that when I recall a song and go listen to it on YouTube with headphones I find that the music production, choice of instruments and nuances in the singer's voice brings me physical and emotional healing. But this depends on the song.

I am the author of the unpublished Whole Music, a book that raises our consciousness through exploring music. If you are a book publisher help me with my life mission by taking a chance on publishing my book.