Monday, June 25, 2012

The Practice--Music and Water Experiment

photo by Patricia Herlevi, "Summer Fun"
Experiment with water and music
Let the Journey Begin

I have already shared information about keeping a music journal on WME.  We have also explored music of other cultures and sacred traditions.  We know about musical and sound effects on the brain and nervous system.  We know that frequency + intention = healing as Jonathan Goldman describes in his work with sacred sounds.

Many of you have already come across the work with water, intent, and music of Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan.  I actually came across this work around 9 or 10 years ago.  I did expose water and food to high-frequency music for a while, but then I grew distracted and forgot about this practice until recent days.  I have received visions of morphogenetic fields and clearing these fields with sound.  Our bodies also contain these fields and we can lift our vibration with the right music.  Obviously, from Dr. Emoto’s earlier experiments, trying this with heavy metal or angry music won’t do the trick.  I doubt anyone visiting WME would even listen to that type of music, but your children might.

So let’s start out with this YouTube video of Dr. Emoto’s early work with water crystals.

Now, let’s take the music listening journal to the next level.  We will now choose music consciously and play that music for glasses of water, supplements and food.  If you want more energy then choose energy-enhancing music such as a Brazilian samba or other Latin or African music.  If you want to go inward, then try listening to Gregorian or other sacred chants.  If you just want to feel good, try Mozart’s music.

Next pour a glass of purified water (if you’re feeling ambitious, try tap water), then wrap headphones around the glass.  Turn on the music and allow it to play for the water for at least 5 minutes.  After you complete this process, put the headphones on and listen to the same music you played for the water while drinking the water.  If you want, you can add crystals to charge the water with the music/sound.

Now, write down the results in your music listening journal.  As you experiment music with different situations, including charging your food and supplements with music vibration.  You will find that you can shift your moods, relax more deeply and lift your energy without caffeine or other stimulants.  I have listened to both sound healing and music CDs.  When I wanted to increase my energy, I started with a gamma wave sound healing CD and followed up with live music by Yamandu Costa and Hamilton de Holanda that increased my energy.

Basically, use the same skills you developed working with the music listening journal except add a substance to the mix such as food, water, and supplements.  Please share your results in the comment section of this post.