Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Review--Singing Strings

Yamandu Costa and Hamilton de Holanda
Adventure Music

I reviewed Brazilian mandolin (10-string) Hamilton de Holanda’s jazz ensemble in 2010 and now I see he has returned, this time in a duet with guitarist (7-string), Yamandu Costa with Live!  Here we have a live performance in front of an appreciative audience.  The songs performed by this duo caused me to applaud as I felt exhilarated listening to these two brilliant musicians wed their virtuoso talents. 

I’ve been under much stress lately with trying to find a new home in Bellingham, staying in temporary housing in the interim.  I wasn’t planning on reviewing any CDs until after I settled into a new home, but this recording came to me as a nice surprise in the mail.  The music on the recording has restored my vitality and helped me to keep a positive outlook.  Brazilian music does that in general, but this live recording emits a powerful uplifting energy which can only boost confidence and health when listening to it.  For me listening to virtuoso musicians takes my mind off of my problems and I lose myself in the musicians’ energy.  I get lost in their world which feels extraordinary—a total merging with humanity which fosters unity consciousness.

 The opener, Samba do Veio bubbles like a newly opened bottle of champagne—the playing is effervescent.  Already the listener is immersed in intricate string music that conjures images of Brazil’s beach communities.   Chamamè slows the pace down and emits a romantic atmosphere—again the duo weaves their respective instruments into a stunning musical fabric.  Samba for Rapha picks up the pace and delivers sensual overtures that could seduce any listener.  You can hear the musicians’ fingers flying across their respective fret boards.  Then after listening to one sensational song after another, the short and sweet track, Sliding closes the CD.  And there is no way that listeners of this recording aren’t transformed in some way after experiencing the music on this live recording.  No wonder the audience responds with enthusiasm.