Monday, August 6, 2012

The Practice--Raise your frequency with music

photo: Patricia Herlevi

Whether or not the experts have interpreted the Mayan Prophesies correctly, or that we truly understand quantum physics, many of us feel that we live in multiple dimensions.  In this belief system, we believe that lower vibrations or frequencies are the equivalent of hell on earth and the higher frequencies, heaven.

Lower frequencies include anger, fear, mistrust, outrage, sadness, grief, and frustration, to name a few emotions.  I'm certainly not saying that we should not allow ourselves to feel darker emotions, only to acknowledge those heavy densities and find a modality to clear them from our mind-body-souls.  If watching the news causes you to feel helpless and hopeless, then stop watching or reading the news.  Chances are the media, corporations, and even governments choose to pass along this helplessness and hopelessness like a contagious virus.  And low frequencies are contagious, along with heavy and disruptive.

Some people meditate, practice energy medicine and other modalities for clearing their chakras.  Some people awaken consciousness in every area of their lives and seek enchantment and unity consciousness. These people ascend higher towards enlightenment. I believe that heaven and hell are inside us, not somewhere out there, under us, or over us.  Since heaven exists on a higher frequency, in order to experience heaven, you must raise your vibration to that frequency, by expanding consciousness and by choosing live or whole foods and high frequency music.

And that's not to say that all high frequency music sounds like the latest new age CD or is in a major chord with happy lyrics.  High frequency music comes to us from music traditions from around the world.  Perhaps, when some one's starting out raising their vibration they listen to Beatles' pop tunes, and later when he or she is ready, turns to Bach and Mozart, Sufi music, trance chants, or high-octane drumming.  We have plenty of choices of high frequency music.  But how do we know the music's frequency? Do we naturally feel high after listening to it? Not necessarily.

If you have low density energies in your body and you listen to high frequency music, you will go through a detox process.  The high frequency music removes emotional blocks, and other obstacles on your path to ascension.  So you might suffer from a headache, feel nauseous or feel a rush of low density emotions come to the surface.  A pop song might give you a sugar-fix or high, but won't clear out those lower densities.  High frequency music was created by musicians who set love and healing intentions.  Often time, these musicians have a deep knowledge of music theory and how to apply fifths, fourths, octaves, and other music building tools, also known as musical architecture.  Take a look at Indian ragas, Arab maquams, and baroque music as examples.  Bach and Mozart knew exactly what they were doing and so did ancient musicians.  Today, you will find many indigenous people of the world creating higher frequency music. 

If you find this music unappealing, you need to look at your own vibration. If you choose to live a lower level vibration (judgement, self-righteousness, hate, anger...), then higher frequency music will not attract you. Low and high vibrations cannot coexist without creating uncomfortable tension.  Only you can choose which direction you prefer to go, towards higher consciousness or stay stuck in victim consciousness, where you feel helpless and hopeless.

The next steps for you:

1) Research healing and purposeful music traditions of the world

2) You could take a short cut and look for sacred music recordings

3) Keep a music journal of your experiences with this music

4) Try music meditation first thing in the morning and at bedtime (staying away from pop music)

5) Transform bad habits that lead to experiencing low frequencies such as watching or reading the news, gossiping, complaining, or treating your body with disrespect

6) Practice patience (the road to ascension wasn't built in a day)

If you seek music inspiration, check out the reviews and interviews on this blog.  And if you have any questions or would like to share your observations, please leave comments.