Monday, February 19, 2007

Lura....Rediscovery of Cape Verde

Lura (Portugal/Cape Verde)
M'bem di Fora
Time Square/Lusa Africa
Last year I had the great pleasure of seeing Afro-Portuguese Lura in concert in Seattle. So I was pleased to receive her upcoming (March 27 in North America) CD, M'Bem di Fora.
This time around, the dancer-singer-songwriter has ventured further into her ancestral homeland, while sharing various rhythms from the Cape Verdean archipelago. She pleasures our ears and our feet with funana, batuku and the European mazurka (with an African face-lift).
African music invites us to explore various rhythms, rituals and healing traditions. Cape Verdean music with its effervescent sounds, soulful rhythms and heartfelt vocals reminds us how to connect as humans and community.
Lura brings us many simple stories backed by her stunning vocal talent. And I imagine that the songs on this CD will get the blood flowing and lift moods. It's too bad this recording won't be released in the U.S. until March 27th, because it is just the thing to thaw those winter blues.