Friday, December 28, 2007

In Review---Celtic Woman 3

Celtic Woman 3 (Ireland)

Hearts O' Space/Valley Entertainment

Celtic Woman 3 lends itself well to those people who like to unwind themselves once and awhile. Fabulous vocalists including Mary Black, Kate Power, Margaret Brennan, Lucy Champion, Dolores Keane and others, sing ballads strung over an ambient and mystical backdrop. The end result could be used during a massage session or for an afternoon relaxation break. Although enchanting and beautiful this collection of songs does fall on the sleepy side.

I was hoping for some jigs or reels--for some kick since I mainly suffer from low energy. I find that this CD works best for relaxation and not for energy-building. I also find that I prefer to listen to this recording in the evening when I am winding down rather than in the morning when I am trying to jumpstart my day. Although it might add tranquility to a peak hour traffic commute. This recording would also make a fine soundtrack for a long journey by train or car, especially a journey that roams through lush green meadows.

Certainly these women render the songs gorgeous while reminding us of the mysticism associated with the Celtic tradition. And as a sampler, you can also decide if you want to pick up full length recordings by any of the artists--no doubt you will. In the meantime, add this one to your library of relaxation tunes.

Valley Entertainment