Sunday, May 13, 2018

Music Consciousness & My Journey of the Past Years

Perhaps having Neptune transiting in my second astrological house led to a dissolution of my work with music consciousness. For ten years, I researched music from around the world as a journalist and as a musician. Dr. Emoto's work with water crystals and discovering the power of classical music sparked this work. 

However, in recent years, I needed to find other ways to make a living, I found myself living between homes and my stress levels reached a crescendo so I lost the thread of my original work. On top of all that, my book, Whole Music ended up taking a different route than I originally intended. The first publishing with a small hybrid publisher was a fiasco. Then, I found an agent to represent the book, but she was unable to find an editor to publish it.

This caused me grief. And I wasn't sure where to go with music research. I wasn't earning any money from the work that ate up 40+ hours a week of my time. I ended up homeless and hopeless. Even my Go Fund Me campaign to relaunch this work did not bear enough fruit to keep going. Meanwhile, I listened to too much nostalgic pop music on YouTube and I stopped listening to the music that I found most healing. What happened?

And yet, I found that some pop music contained messages that I required on my healing path. Then, recently, I returned to listening to sound healing videos, nature sounds, classical music which I enjoy immersing myself in and I have listened to kirtans and spiritual music through this entire passage. I still don't know what awaits me on this journey.

I would like to get back to working on this blog, but I don't have the resources to do that. The cost of everything has risen. Life isn't simple any longer and I feel like I'm carrying the burdens of the world. However, I have not forgotten my original intention for starting the Musical Healers groups on Linked In and Facebook. I haven't forgotten my original intention for launching this blog in 2007 or for have written my book Whole Music.

Ironically, Neptune the planet that rules music and spirituality, has been dissolving my values, gifts, and any structure I've had in my life. I've not been able to balance my checkbooks. I have not been able to set any goals or follow any routines, such as a writing practice. I haven't practiced my guitar in years but I do still sing along with music, even if they are other people's songs. I guess I'm looking for a deeper message that appears in everyday music.

I realize that most people are not going to turn to spiritual or classical music. I gave up my Quixotic mission of getting everyone on board the healing music train that would raise our frequency. People will discover this music when they are ready and you can't just leap an octave as far as moving from 3D to 5D in an instant. Most bodies can't even handle higher frequencies without becoming ill at this time. So, what's next?

I have been working as a spiritual channel, angel card reader, and astrologer. If you would like to support this work, please visit me at Whole Astrology. Thank you.