Friday, January 22, 2010

In review--Soaring to Desert Heights

R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton and Will Clipman
Dancing into Silence
Canyon Records

I was down with a cold, miserable, tired and the Canyon Records trio of R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton and Will Clipman’s new recording, Dancing into Silence landed in my mailbox. I mostly played its music in the background as I struggled to keep up with my correspondence and workload. And while I cannot make the claim that this haunting and slightly melancholic (in a good way), music healed my cold, I can say that it relaxed my tense mind and body.

Most of you are familiar with the Native American flutist R. Carlos Nakai and some of you are familiar with luthier William Eaton (I would love to own one of whimsical lutes), and global percussionist Will Clipman—all veterans of Canyon Records. Each of these musicians provides soulfulness to his performances and when combined their energies combine to create a subtle powerhouse of sounds. I say subtle since this music, not just a collection of songs, but an actual soundscape heads straight for the heart and soul, it seeps into the subconscious and probably tells those immune building cells to get to work, at least in my case. And no, you don’t have to feel stressed out or sick to enjoy this musical offering.

It’s not easy to describe either. Haunting vocals weave through lilting plucked and strummed lutes, the murmurings of flute and an array of global percussion applied delicately. If you listen closely to the third track titled Winged Iridescence you will received an earful of this musical tapestry.  Radiance feels playful and even mischevious. And with 13 other similar tracks fusing together to create a musical terrain and an otherworldly quality my guess is that you will keep on listening.

Sadly I have had little time to sit down with Dancing into Silence and give it the heartfelt listen it deserves. Hopefully, I will get a chance to do that this weekend. In the meantime, it is my hope that you will also discover this recording and that you do so when you are feeling well.  And if you happen to feel under the weather, I think this trio will have you feeling better in no time.

Canyon Records