Friday, November 6, 2015

Global Music Consciousness in Science & Metaphysics

Recently, I spoke to a woman on the bus about the rise in popularity of music therapy. I told her about brain and music studies from the last decade. The most remarkable aspect of music as medicine is that it has no side effects and if you find the right music for the condition, miracles happen. So what do we focus upon these days?

I believe that we will continue with the brain-music science and that will play out in the medical community in larger ways. I doubt pharmaceutical companies will enjoy competing with sound vibration, especially purposeful sound vibration, but with fewer side effects and research to back up the healing power of music, why would we toss out this healing tool? Of course, there is the danger of companies creating formulaic music or musical formulas to heal various ailments which they'll find a way to package and market. If people find that they're getting the right results this is not a bad way to go, however, let's not lose the organic qualities of music and turn it into sound drugs.

We will continue in the metaphysical field to study the magical and frequency aspects of music. Sound vibrations dovetail with manifestation practices. We will continue to chant seed sounds and I see sound healing becoming a household practice in the decades ahead. Tuning forks and singing bowls will no longer be considered too new age for the average person. And any of you working in the sound healing or energy healing fields would do well to teach workshops so that people use these powerful tools in intentional ways for the best effects.

We can also use music or sound vibrations to heal the environment, animals, and work with elements. But save this work for the healing masters since this involves setting powerful intentions and involves elements of shamanism. Meanwhile, keep you eyes on the following musicians and musical healers in the coming years.

Jonathan Goldman, Daniel Levitin (research), Joshua Leeds (psychoacoustic research), R. Carlos Nakai (musician/composer)Christine Stevens and Alesandra Belloni.