Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Practice--Watch Out for Music Overconsumption

I began my journey into the world of music as a young child. And my passion for music waxed and waned over the decades. When it was ebbing, I began a new journey into music consciousness. And one of the concepts that struck me early on was a comparison between a food diet and a music diet.

And here's the thing, just like we can overconsume food and wreak havoc on our digestive and other systems, overconsuming music can also, I believe, confuse our cells and body rhythms. We don't eat food continuously all day and into the night. Most of us eat perhaps three or four meals a day and allow our stomach to do its job the rest of the day. Of course, some people are binge eaters or snack throughout the day which never gives the body a rest.

After the portable tape players, then portable compact disc players, and now MP3 players came on the market, the music suddenly was immediately accessible. People started doing everything with music playing in either the foreground or the background. Every shop in town plays music in the background and most of this is banal commercial pop music. I suspect that pop music has brain control messages contained within it but that's a topic for another article.

When we overconsume music and don't engage in long moments of silence, we can no longer hear our inner guidance. If we binge on pop music there is the danger that it contains brainwashing messages to keep us a part of a consumer culture and at the worst, enslave us. When we overconsume on music when we do have moments of silence such as when we sit down to meditate, earworms (musical phrases and lyrics loop through our brain) rob us of a deep meditation. You can always overlay mantras or chants over those earworms but that takes effort.

I'm also concerned about people who are constantly wired to a phone, computer, or other electronic devices which play music 24/7 if they allowed it. Even if we listened to high-frequency music and Solfeggio tones all day, we still require moments of silence or the sounds from the natural world. However, when I see people walking, hiking, or jogging in nature, they're wired to their music-listening device. So they are not connecting with the higher frequencies of the natural world.

As humanity leans more heavily towards cyborg technology, I am deeply concerned about this addiction to music (which often is a lower vibration). So I 'm listing a few practices to wean us from this addiction. With music, less is more. Just like we require time to savor and digest a meal, it's the same for music, especially higher-frequency music which is powerful.

  • Whenever possible turn off music while you work, especially if you work in a quiet space or at home.
  • When you walk, jog, or hike in a natural setting, leave your electronics including your phone at home. 
  • Listen to bird songs outdoors or open your window so that the songs filter through your space.
  • Sit by the ocean or a bay and listen to the waves flow in and out. Sync your breathing with the waves.
  • Or sit by a creek or brook and sync your breath with the water's flow.
  • Do a media fast which includes not listening to any music, at least at home (2 or 3 days).
  • Talk to businesses and ask if they can change their background music to nature sounds or instrumental music or not play background music at all.
  • Research the musical effects on the body's natural rhythms and then find the right music to raise your personal vibration.
  • Listen to music mindfully just like a Buddhist eats food mindfully. Pay close attention to your body's responses to the music.
  • Get in touch with your feelings and emotions during times of silence.
  • If you must have sounds during meditation, listen to OM frequencies, or sound healing tools such as crystal or Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Spend time alone in silence or with friends without any background music. Pay attention and listen to the words of others.
  • Refrain from multitasking. It's a myth that some generations are better at and wired for multitasking. Multitasking messes up the neuropathways of the brain. It leaves us feeling agitated.
I hope these tips are helpful for you. If you know people who are addicted to music, have them research books and articles about how music affects the brain and the body.

I am the author of the unpublished music consciousness book, Whole Music. I am also looking for music experts to interview. The topic is healing post trauma with music and sound healing. If you would like to participate, e-mail me at wholemusicexp at gmail dot com

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Whole Music Go Fund Me Campaign

Would you like to view a podcast series on this blog (and YouTube) featuring music experts, musicians, and sound healers? With you financial support, I will launch a Whole Music Experience podcast series and develop short classes for Udemy as well as, Facebook.

I have been wondering how I can return to music research and my book, Whole Music. With the price of literally everything going up, I have found myself scrambling with work to pay the bills. And I find that I'm no longer able to teach others about the healing power of music. Sadly, my blog Whole Music Experience has suffered from neglect.

Then I found out about Go Fund Me and decided to reach out to the public who I hope is hungry for music consciousness or the healing power of music.

Go to my campaign for details

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Interview of Helene Grimaud Worth Watching

I found an interview with French Pianist Helene Grimaud where she discusses the nuances of classical music and musical training. She also discusses a connection to nature and wolves in particular. All music lovers and music therapists benefit from watching this video (in English).

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Practice--Ground Yourself with Nature Sounds

On the day of the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, I had a sudden urge to listen to recordings of bird songs. Although I live in Bellingham, a city known for its natural surroundings, I live in a residential neighborhood with little nature and a lot of concrete. So until I can take a walk in one of the parks, listening to nightingale songs suffices.

This brings up the concept of starting one's day with nature recordings. You can find just about every nature call on YouTube from birdsongs to wolf calls, to whales and dolphins galavanting under water. I also enjoy ocean waves and other water sound recordings. We are, after all, connected to nature. We regain balance when we immerse ourselves in these sounds even if we live on the 14th floor of a tall building. 

So here are a handful of recordings I found on YouTube to get you started:

Nightingale Songs

Whale Songs


Dolphin Songs


Ocean Waves

Happy exploration of nature sounds. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Healing Neuropathways with Music

I have suffered from post trauma. And in the past year, I have undergone therapy to create new neuropathways in my limbic brain. And I wondered how music could help in this regard. So I'm currently rounding up articles on this topic, starting with this article by the late Oliver Sacks.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Practice--Bach to Rock (Finding the Right Vibes for You)

Try Listening to Miles Davis Kind of Blue
While music consciousness experts tout Bach and Mozart as the pinnacle of healing music vibrations (along with sacred chants and sound healing recordings), we're all at different ports of call when it comes to consciousness. It's best not to judge where we're at and go a step higher on the musical vibration ladder.

I find myself judging people who listen to rap music with misogynist lyrics or heavy metal with its wailing guitar and vocals. And I certainly don't want to expose my mind-body-soul to those types of music (which I refer to as noise). However, on an attraction level, why am I even encountering those types of music in the first place? The music we encounter is similar to synchronicity or part of the synchronicity flow so there's a message there. The message usually revolves around our state of mind. Meaning, if I'm hearing angry and hateful music, is there some part of me that is feeling fearful or am I repressing anger?

Granted, this is much more of a challenge for parents of teens who listen to "hateful" songs. But even then, what is the message coming through? We could all evolve into more tolerant  beings. This isn't to say that we should expose our bodies to lower vibrations in the form of music. But it is saying that nothing happens by accident. And not all teens listen to angry music. I listened to the Beatles and a lot of pop when I was a teen, though I'm sure I had my share of anger and frustration as every teen does.

So try listening to different types of music from lyrical or instrumental jazz to classical and early music, and to popular songs from what we call a classic era like the 1960s or the 1980s or even the 1990s (early). Try listening to folk, soul, funk, and songs with strong melodies. Then try listening to music with no melodies such as new age (non tension) recordings. Try listening to sound healing CDs, kirtans, sacred chants, and instruments you had not listened to previously such as didgeridoo. 

Then get out your music journal or diary. Pay attention to the effects on your mind, body, and spirit. Then write those effects down in your diary. Tune into your body's sensations. Does the music uplift you or cause you to feel angry? Feeling angry is good sometimes if you have previously felt unmotivated or spend all your time serving others and ignoring your needs. Then ask yourself what's behind your anger. Is it resentment, self-righteousness, or frustration or helplessness. Anger is a great motivator when used creatively. If this is the case, then come up with a list of steps you can take to liberate yourself. Take the first step.

One way to use music to free yourself from feeling stuck is to listen to Beethoven's entire 5th Symphony. The first movement provokes your anger with the knock of fate on your door. "Da, Da, Da, DAAAAA!" The other movements take you through your anger and arriving at victory or triumph in the last movement. It's also a short symphony as far as that goes. I believe it's under 40 minutes long for the 4 movements.

If you're not dealing with anger and require inspiration to move forward, then listen to French Impressionist music or a jazz classic like Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain or Kind of Blue. I also recommend John Coltrane's Love Supreme. I also recommend taking a look around this blog at hundreds of reviews to find inspiration. Or read any of the interviews with sound practitioners and musicians. 

I'm the author of the unpublished book Whole Music. If you are a book publisher who publishes self-help and consciousness evolution books, please contact me.  If you're someone moving up the consciousness scale, please subscribe to this blog. Thank you.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Practice--Cleansing Lower Vibrations Caused by Background Music

photo by Patricia Herlevi
For people who are more sensitive, walking into a store or other business that plays background music can disturb their auras. As we awaken consciousness through sound vibration businesses for the most part lag behind. It's so tempting to stop frequenting those businesses, yet, there are other ways to protect your personal frequencies.

And as we move deeper into the Aquarius Age, frequency is where it's at.

In the future, I will post on the harmful effects of background music as well as, links to articles promoting the psychological effects of background music (used to sell more product and influence customer's behavior). But for now, I'm concentrating on ways you can protect your personal vibration when exposed to harmful sounds and text.

My other concern has to do with natural foods and even organic foods exposed to rock and pop music. The first time, this consideration popped into my mind was in 2007. I had already launched the Whole Music blog and I knew about Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals and sound vibration. I had a job interview at a natural grocer delivery service--a van service that delivered organic produce to people's doorsteps.

When I walked into the back office for the interview, I got a glimpse of the warehouse.  And the workers in the warehouse packaging the produce listened to heavy metal music (I'm not joking). Instead of engaging in a light interview and landing the job, I chose to speak up about the harmful music vibrations on the food because I felt it was tainting the vegetables and fruit (which are comprised of a high percentage of water). Needless to say I wasn't hired.

The interviewer's response (she was much younger than me by the way), was a polite, "Thank you for your concerns." I get that a lot when I'm informing others about sound vibrations. And since that time, the food coop where I shop almost daily has started playing hard rock in the background. This has to do with new employees, I'm sure of it, since I had not noticed this hard rock playing in the background prior. Whole Foods is another store that plays rock and pop music in the background. And actually, this lack of music awareness exists with most businesses, even one's who sell "healthy" food.

So here are some practices to help you raise your vibration and the vibration of your food. After all, we digest both physical and musical foods. Just like bad food can leave us with an upset stomach, rash or headache, so can lower vibrations from sound and music.

Take Epsom salt baths at the end of a day (if you want to purify your water from chlorine and flouride, filter in clay into your bath water, not in clumps)

Bless your food before eating it or play high vibrational music for your food such as sacred chants, Mozart, Bach, or Native American flute (this will also improve your assimilation of the food)

If businesses accept customer input and comments, suggests that they play world, classical, or jazz music in the store (they'll probably tell you they tune into a radio station which they can easily switch to a community radio station specializing in jazz or classical)

After you taking a cleansing salt bath (or use sea salt soap in a shower), listen to new age, world, classical or jazz music that makes you feel invigorated 

Wear black gemstones on your body during the day and sleep with turquoise under your pillow at night (cleanses your aura and have other health effects)

Take Bach flower remedies or other flower essences (I like the Yarrow Environmental blend from F.E.S.).

Meditate before going to sleep and meditate upon awakening 

If you carry a portable music device, make sure you include classical, new age, and sacred chants on it then listen to this music throughout the day (especially when frequenting businesses that play background music)

When I have room in my backpack, I bring my tablet and headphones with me. I am only able to tune into songs on YouTube at this time since the machine has little drive for downloading songs. And I find the commercials on YouTube jarring and annoying. But I noticed that when I tuned into Bach the other day, my vibrations lifted quickly.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment.