Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Practice--Bach to Rock (Finding the Right Vibes for You)

Try Listening to Miles Davis Kind of Blue
While music consciousness experts tout Bach and Mozart as the pinnacle of healing music vibrations (along with sacred chants and sound healing recordings), we're all at different ports of call when it comes to consciousness. It's best not to judge where we're at and go a step higher on the musical vibration ladder.

I find myself judging people who listen to rap music with misogynist lyrics or heavy metal with its wailing guitar and vocals. And I certainly don't want to expose my mind-body-soul to those types of music (which I refer to as noise). However, on an attraction level, why am I even encountering those types of music in the first place? The music we encounter is similar to synchronicity or part of the synchronicity flow so there's a message there. The message usually revolves around our state of mind. Meaning, if I'm hearing angry and hateful music, is there some part of me that is feeling fearful or am I repressing anger?

Granted, this is much more of a challenge for parents of teens who listen to "hateful" songs. But even then, what is the message coming through? We could all evolve into more tolerant  beings. This isn't to say that we should expose our bodies to lower vibrations in the form of music. But it is saying that nothing happens by accident. And not all teens listen to angry music. I listened to the Beatles and a lot of pop when I was a teen, though I'm sure I had my share of anger and frustration as every teen does.

So try listening to different types of music from lyrical or instrumental jazz to classical and early music, and to popular songs from what we call a classic era like the 1960s or the 1980s or even the 1990s (early). Try listening to folk, soul, funk, and songs with strong melodies. Then try listening to music with no melodies such as new age (non tension) recordings. Try listening to sound healing CDs, kirtans, sacred chants, and instruments you had not listened to previously such as didgeridoo. 

Then get out your music journal or diary. Pay attention to the effects on your mind, body, and spirit. Then write those effects down in your diary. Tune into your body's sensations. Does the music uplift you or cause you to feel angry? Feeling angry is good sometimes if you have previously felt unmotivated or spend all your time serving others and ignoring your needs. Then ask yourself what's behind your anger. Is it resentment, self-righteousness, or frustration or helplessness. Anger is a great motivator when used creatively. If this is the case, then come up with a list of steps you can take to liberate yourself. Take the first step.

One way to use music to free yourself from feeling stuck is to listen to Beethoven's entire 5th Symphony. The first movement provokes your anger with the knock of fate on your door. "Da, Da, Da, DAAAAA!" The other movements take you through your anger and arriving at victory or triumph in the last movement. It's also a short symphony as far as that goes. I believe it's under 40 minutes long for the 4 movements.

If you're not dealing with anger and require inspiration to move forward, then listen to French Impressionist music or a jazz classic like Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain or Kind of Blue. I also recommend John Coltrane's Love Supreme. I also recommend taking a look around this blog at hundreds of reviews to find inspiration. Or read any of the interviews with sound practitioners and musicians. 

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