Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Review--France's Corou de Berra's Anniversary CD

Corou de Berra
Au fil du temps...

independent release

Twenty years in the making, France's mixed voices choir, Corou de Berra released a retrospective recording entitled, Au fil de temps... (as time goes by). The six voice choir hails from the French Alps and the vocalists perform traditional songs from Provence, Nice, and Italy. They mostly offer up lush a cappella vocals, even spine-chilling a cappella as on the religious piece, Stabat Mater, or happier fare, Bella bella ciao, which many listeners would have heard at one time or another in their lives.

However, the choir has also performed original contemporary polyphony. If you listen to track 8, Di mi pichon, composed by Michel Bianco and Serge Dotti for instance, you will hear those luscious vocal harmonies playing along with swing violin, and not too long ago, the choir produced a retrospective of the late Italian folk singer, Fabrizio de Andre. Peter's War from maschi feminine cantanti appears on this 20th anniversary CD. All 13 tracks are sparklers that promise to dazzle fans of vocal music and vocal polyphony in particular.

Judging from all the vocalists and musicians who appear in a collage of photographs inside the CD, it looks like quite a few vocalists have performed in the choir over the past 20 years. This choir seems tight and passionate about keeping these vocal traditions alive. Upon hearing this gorgeous recording, listeners might find themselves buying a ticket to the French Alps (south), to hear this music performed in its original setting.

Bon voyage.

For more information on this choir go to coroudeberra