Sunday, April 6, 2014

Music Video Round-Up--Transformational Power of Classical Music

Raise music consciousness a notch in less than 19 minutes...

One of the best days of my music research occurred when I discovered Ted Talks. I found talks on the brain and music, the benefits of music education for children, the elasticity of the brain, as well as, musical performances.

I could give a list of music consciousness books, which I know most of you won't read.  Or I thought of including these touching and educational videos about the power of classical music. Granted, Ted Talks supplies us with talks on other music genres.  Some of the speakers such as Benjamin Zander use humor to make a point and others give delightful performances.

Speaking of Benjamin Zander, I'm including his talk on The Transformative Power of Classical Music.  

Next up,  on the same topic, here's violinist Tatiana Berman with an accompanying dance performance.

Finally, for the last video, we end with violinist Deanna Choi giving an emotionally-charged performance and talk on classical music and the brain.  I encourage you to watch other classical music videos on Ted Talks.