Friday, September 16, 2016

The Practice--Ground Yourself with Nature Sounds

On the day of the Pisces Lunar Eclipse, I had a sudden urge to listen to recordings of bird songs. Although I live in Bellingham, a city known for its natural surroundings, I live in a residential neighborhood with little nature and a lot of concrete. So until I can take a walk in one of the parks, listening to nightingale songs suffices.

This brings up the concept of starting one's day with nature recordings. You can find just about every nature call on YouTube from birdsongs to wolf calls, to whales and dolphins galavanting under water. I also enjoy ocean waves and other water sound recordings. We are, after all, connected to nature. We regain balance when we immerse ourselves in these sounds even if we live on the 14th floor of a tall building. 

So here are a handful of recordings I found on YouTube to get you started:

Nightingale Songs

Whale Songs


Dolphin Songs


Ocean Waves

Happy exploration of nature sounds.