Sunday, March 22, 2015

FYI--Use Favorite Songs to Boost Well-Being

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For the past the year, my life experiences have taken a toll on my well-being.  The stress has caused me to suffer illness at times. Each time I found myself turning to music to create healing in my mind, body and spirit.  Then I realized, wait a minute, I've been doing this my entire life.

For anyone with access to the Internet and YouTube, there is literally a world of music as an offering to boost well-being.  Sometimes, curiosity and delving into music from other cultures or traditions gets our minds off our worries and problems.  When we redirect our minds, our bodies heal themselves.

Another practice revolves around listening to favorite songs, either current or past favorites because if the songs stoke our hearts we raise our vibration.  As you know when we raise our vibrations we heal ourselves on a deep level.  However, make sure those favorite songs do not contain negative text or any abrasive sounds in them.  We can fool our minds, but not our bodies and not our spirits.  For those of you already on board music consciousness, you know what feels right and what does not resonate with your being. 

Many of us, if not all of us are in the process of healing ancestral DNA including patterns and beliefs that cause "bad luck", ill health, poverty and limiting beliefs that leads to dis-empowerment and disease.  Try finding music from your ancestral lineages that you can combine with different energy healing and quantum healing modalities that clear ancestral DNA patterns.  

As we move closer to the Aquarius Age and complete the Pisces Age, music plays an important, if not crucial role in cleaning up our frequencies and vibrational fields.  While Neptune floats in Pisces for another decade, music therapy and sound healing help us make huge inroads on our paths to greater well-being and even, enlightenment.

So go to the library and pick up new-to-you music and explore the world of sound that's out there. Delve into your favorite songs to boost your immunity and heal your lives.  Just like you choose your food diet carefully and don't allow toxins to enter your body, think of music the same way. Music and food share the commonality of carrying vibration.  Music is also warm, cold, spicy; hard or easy to digest.  Experiment and learn from your mistakes, but in the end create the perfect musical medicine kit to get you through any challenging experience--physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

Happy musical journeys.