Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Review--Mountain Songs of Love

Brianna Lea Pruett 
Gypsy Bells
Canyon Records

Singer-songwriter Brianna Lea Pruett debuts with Gypsy Bells on Canyon Records.  Equal parts contemporary folk and bluegrass, Pruett focuses on the personal canvas of young love and friendship.  Her well-crafted songs are backed by guitar, lap steel, bass, drums and flute.  I’m reminded of Navajo singer-songwriter Sharon Burch’s contemporary folk and the 1970s American folk diva, Laura Nyro, especially on the tracks, New Life and Seeds of Love.  Marry that Boy recalls the old folk standards once sung by Odetta, and Barbara Dane. Michelle Lee’s flute adds a nice touch to the song as it weds the lilting vocals. Piano on Under Your Wing adds warmth to the recording.

Pruett claims Cherokee as one of her nationalities and on the track, Red Jacket she appears to addresses her Native American ancestors and tradition.  And on Sun on the Mountain, she tells a story about an Indian man from South Dakota.   Gypsy Bells features catchy folk tunes composed and performed by an exceptional young talent.  This debut album is going to turn heads and then some.