Saturday, March 5, 2011

Essay: Magnetic Music

Music as Magnetic Law of Attraction

The topic of applying music to lifting vibration is not new to me. I’ve been using music to lift my moods all my life, and consciously since 2005 when I came up with the concept for my book Whole Music, and 2 years before I launched this blog. Then a few months ago I noticed that jazz vocalist Trish Hatley began a project combining affirmations with music to support the law of attraction concept.

The other day when I played a Rough Guide compilation for the music of Bolivia, I had this image of the bombo drum and flutes in my mind’s eye and I found this music profoundly uplifting. This brought me to the idea that we all have different genres and instruments that lift our vibration. Perhaps the Andes music doesn’t lift your vibration, though this would surprise me. I’ve never seen a passerby frown when encountering street musicians performing Andes music. Just like I’ve never seen anyone frown around the music of Bob Marley or Cuban son.

I propose the idea of exploring music from different cultures, instruments new to you, and genres you would have not considered previously. I meet too many people who have too small of a musical repertoire (pop, rock, jazz, maybe a little classical), and this just isn’t going to cut it if you’re goal is to raise your vibration and keep it buzzing for long durations. Besides, we lift our vibration when we love something, music or otherwise. We lift our vibration when we discover something new and it delights us. This past week, I was surprised with a classical guitar performance and felt delighted by that gift.

It might not feel like enough to just listen to recordings or attend concerts. Musicians and non-musicians benefit from dancing to music and performing it no matter how rudimentary. Don’t get caught up in the ego thinking that you can only perform music as a virtuoso. I’m nowhere close to performing as a virtuoso, but performing and recording music saved me more times than I can name here. Buy a drum, make a drum, buy inexpensive bamboo flutes, or just use your voice to explore music. Maybe you can find a guitar on E-Bay or Craig’s List. Play like the child who doesn’t care how good or bad they sound. This will lift your vibration, I guarantee it.

I think Trish Hatley, who I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, is on to a good thing too since you can employ music as a background for manifestation exercises such as affirmations and Emotional Freedom Technique tapping. You can also employ softer music for Creative Visualization and guided meditations. I personally, like to use the brainwave CDs I have for this purpose, because you must change your beliefs deep in your subconscious and in order to do that you need a key that gives you access. Music is that key.

Once you lift your vibration and keep it high, you will notice miracles and magic in your life. Unsolvable problems right themselves, health conditions improve and so does your attitude. I have experienced these things in my own life otherwise I wouldn’t mention them here. Since we are bombarded with the negativity of the news, gossip, judgment, rants and complains, not to mention low-vibration sounds and music, we need high vibration music to lift us up. I’m beginning to believe that the ascension process is literally lifting the vibration to the stratosphere and staying there. And what better way to do it than with music.

So get out there and explore what the musical world has to offer. Select your recordings and build a tool kit that you can use when you need it most. Make sure you have a variety of music to match a variety of activities and moods. Then dance, sing, play your own music. Pretend that you’re Beethoven or Marley or a great opera diva. Really have fun with this. Sing and whistle with birds and if you’re too shy to do that, at least listen to birds sing. Listen so deeply that you can notice the scales or patterns of notes in their songs. Do this with whale songs too.

In conclusion it doesn’t matter if the bombo drum or the bandoneon or an early music lute calls to you. We are all unique. Daydream with the music, play music that conjures good memories, or recalls your ancestors and heritage. I can think of numerous ways music lifts our vibration, but instead of listing them here, I want you to brainstorm and figure out your own path. Happy Ascension!

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