Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Announcement: WME Celebrates 5 Years

I was looking for an archival article on WME and I saw that I first launched the blog in January 2007.  So that means this year marks the 5th Anniversary of The Whole Music Experience.

I never intended on launching a blog and was hosting the website Cranky Crow Whole Music at the time.  I had enrolled in an online marketing class and one of the class projects was creating a blog.  I was the only student who launched a community service blog since I didn't want to post my personal life online, nor did I think anyone would be interested.  I wouldn't even feel interested in reading about my personal life on a blog.

Since the creation of WME, I have interviewed fabulous musicians, healers, and promoters, reviewed I don't know how many recordings, and branched out from just world music to traditional, sacred, new age, old age, classical and jazz.  It has been a wonderful journey thus far.  I hope you'll keep traveling with me down this musical road.

Yours in music,

Patricia Herlevi

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