Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Essay: 3-PT Series--Lifting the Body's Vibration Through Sound

Distinguishing Low from High Vibrations PT 2

So now that you've unblocked your chakras, you'll want to hang out in a higher vibrational environment...

I know that I’m in sync with the world when a CD that arrives in the mail matches exactly my energy level and vibration. This happened to me recently when an advance copy of Mamadou Diabate’s “Courage” arrived in the mail (I’ll review this CD in February). And since I was contemplating my essay on vibration (high and low), I thought that the recording came at the perfect time. Not only that, I enjoy griot morality lessons.

Not long ago, I thought of vibration in a dualistic way. You have high vibration which equates to love and low vibration which equates to fear. Now, when I talk about low and high vibration, I’m not talking about bass and piccolo. I’m talking more or less about negative and positive energy, but again, I’ve learned that there’s a lot more to it than raising your vibration by showing up in a high vibration environment. If your vibration is low, then showing up in a high vibration environment is going to frighten you and it will not feel like home. A high vibration person showing up in a low vibration environment might suffer from a headache, dizziness, brain fog, and a bad mood.

First of all, the average person isn’t even aware of vibrations and few people where I currently reside can engage in a conversation about quantum physics (this isn’t Seattle after all). But the learning curve nonetheless has been steep for me as I’ve witnessed how people (unwittingly) gravitate towards certain vibrations and run screaming (practically) from others. Personally, I’ve grown intolerant to lower vibrations, don’t feel tempted by them, and do my best to distance myself from this harmful energy. But it’s hard to avoid in a city that’s home to people in despair, on drugs, trying to kick the drug habit, or simply don’t care about themselves or anyone else. Just taking the bus feels like a harrowing experience on some days.

It’s not only that but it seems that darkness in the world in general has been turned up a few notches in the past three years. Am I imagining this? The news seems grimmer, (I avoid it), and this economy is either putting people in deep funk or I’ve seen people seeing the current economy as a challenge to create something more sustainable. Again, it’s a matter of perspective; a matter of vibration. A high vibration person possesses a can-do attitude on most days. This person enjoys pitting him or herself against obstacles that frighten others. Many entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, documentary filmmakers, teachers, designers, and organic farmers fit into this category. And when you think about it, with everything crashing around us, this is the perfect time to create new structure and a new world. What do we have to lose?

So what’s my definition of low and high vibration? Can a person feel the vibration? And why do some people feel the difference between low and high vibrations while others just walk blindly through both without consciously noticing? Why are some people attracted to low vibration (violence, war, profanity, thrillers, horror movies, evening news, talk radio (the hateful stuff), racism, sexism and power play), and others are attracted to high vibration (world music, music festivals, classical music, meditation, sound healing, drum circles, yoga, and sacred events)? What determines whether we are attracted to low or high vibrations? We’ve all been wounded so that can’t be the only determining factor and I’ve met refugees from war torn nations with high vibration.

Sadly, I don’t have any answers. But for those of you who prefer high vibration and healing environments, I can make a few suggestions of how to lift your vibration after exposure to low vibrations (again, I’m not talking bass guitar) when I mention low vibration.

Here are some musical practices that help with lifting the vibration:

Dance to African music
Chant to Sanskrit Kirtans or other sacred text
Listen to Gregorian chants
Listen to sound healing recordings
Hum, sing, or whistle
Play your favorite upbeat recordings

Unless you’re burnt out then listen to the sound healing CDs
Listen to Mozart
Play drums (traditional or acoustic)
Listen to bird or whale recordings

Non-Musical Practices that lift vibration

Take a walk in a quiet place
Meditate (if you can) or chant if you’re feeling more active
Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong
Surround yourself in gold light

Take a warm bath with sea salt and sage
Burn sage or use a spray bottle with sage oil (mixed with water)
Eat high vibration foods (super foods), organic, or food you grew yourself
Emotional Freedom Technique
Dr. Zhi Gang Sha’s Soul, Mind, Body Medicine
Read self-help or spiritual books
Sit near a large body of water
Call a loving and supportive friend (but don't rant)

I hope this information proves helpful to you. It is crucial that we raise our vibrations because the world is in a dark place (half of it anyway). I have an image of a room full of people lighting a candle until the darkness fades into the shadows. Think of raising your vibration as lighting another candle in the room of the world.  If you're reading this essay, then you are already holding a lit candle.

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