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Essay: 3-PT Series--Lifting the Body's Vibration Through Sound

Lifting Vibrations (Series)

The 7 Chakras

I decided last night at 2:00 a.m. to write a three-part series on lifting the body’s vibration through the use of music and sound. Granted, I’m not a sound healer so if you wish to delve further into clearing chakras and balancing your aura with sound, I recommend visiting a sound healer who will teach you self-healing and balancing chants and use vibratory instruments such as tuning forks to clear stuck energy from your chakras.

In the first essay of the series I will discuss the 7-chakra system of the West, the only one I’m familiar with and comfortable mentioning. It’s also the simplest to understand because it only involves 7 energy centers starting at the base of the spine (root chakra) and stopping just slightly above the head (crown chakra). The first 3 chakras refer to the material realm (root, sacral, and solar plexus), the heart and throat chakras refer to the bridge between the material and spirit realms, and the third eye (pineal gland) and crown chakra represent the spiritual realm.

Spiritual teachers at various workshops I’ve taken over the years and from books I’ve read on clearing energy, tell us that most of humanity is not balanced with the chakras. Most humans we meet have issues and stuck energy in the first three chakras and we can definitely see this played out in the “material” world. While humans who have devoted themselves to a spiritual path and follow some kind of spiritual discipline diligently open their heart chakra, but might have trouble communicating their epiphanies and contact with the spiritual realm (throat chakra blocked).

Some people aren’t grounded in the first three chakras, but have clear and open channels in their crown and third eye chakras. They experience spiritual epiphanies, attend spiritual workshops and might possess shamanic gifts, but without the ability to ground themselves and clear their first three chakras, these people suffer from survival issues. Though they tend to thrive at spiritual conferences, conventions and psychic fairs, eventually if they don’t ground themselves, they will burn out. And at best, others might not take them seriously because they don’t back their intuition and insights with logic or discernment. These people, though compassionate they might be, frighten me. They can see an expansive view of the world, but are unable to deal with the details of their daily lives or explain the simplest of concepts.  They often end up confused or they confuse others they are trying to enlighten.

Those people who experience blocked energies in one of the first three chakras (root, sacral, and solar plexus) deal with financial difficulties. The root chakra represents the foundation and when it is blocked, we feel unsecure and unsafe. When the second chakra, sacral is blocked (usually along with the root chakra), we experience challenges manifesting our good in the world. We might strive for prosperity and abundance but not obtain it, or obtain only a small portion of it. When the third chakra (solar plexus) is blocked we might feel stubborn, willful, and demanding. While it is healthy to have a will of our own, we must balance that will against the whole of humanity. When the third chakra is blocked a person might seem ego-oriented, and take on an “us-verse them” attitude, or their might be a “just me verse everyone else” attitude. The US as a nation appears to suffer from a blocked solar plexus chakra. This however doesn't imply that all Americans experience blocked third chakras because more enlightened people reside here too.

So what are the 7 chakras and what do each of them represent? To answer this question, I’m referring to Margaret Ruby’s book “The DNA of Healing” (Hampton Roads). The following chakras and references come from Ruby’s book. While many books including Ayurvedic medicine and quantum physics books refer to chakras, I especially like the chart and description in Ruby’s book.

First Chakra: Root, Innocence
Archetype: The Magical Child
Location: Base of Spine (tailbone)

“Through the first chakra, we learn how to create security and safety in our lives.”

Second Chakra: Sacral, Creation
Archetype: Goddess
Location: Sexual organs

“Through the second chakra, we learn how to nurture ourselves.”

Third Chakra: Solar Plexus, Wisdom
Archetype: Sage
Location: Above the sexual organs and below the heart

“Through the third chakra, we learn how to become an individual.”

Fourth Chakra: Heart, Love
Archetype: Enchanted Lovers
Location: The Heart

“Through the heart chakra, we learn how to love ourselves.” (And the world).

Fifth Chakra: Throat, Truth
Archetype: Liberator
Location: Throat (and thyroid)

“Through the throat chakra, we express who we are.”

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye, Clarity
Archetype: The Seeker
Location: Pineal Gland

“Through the sixth chakra, we see who we are.”

Seventh Chakra: Crown, Divine
Archetype: Angel
Location: Above the Head

“Through the seventh chakra we feel connected to who we are and the higher source.”

The above description of the chakras refers to balanced chakras. So if you’re chakras are unblocked and your energy centers are in working order, then you would experience the above descriptions. Other books with explanatory charts and information about chakras include Marjorie de Muynck’s “Sound Healing” (Lemiscate) and Ted Andrew’s sound healing books.

Energy healers can see or feel blockages in your chakras. They can also get a feel for which chakras are blocked by listening to a patient’s mental, physical and emotional complaints. If the main complaint is financial difficulties and problems with the lower spine or kidneys, this indicates a blockage in the root chakra. This patient will feel unsecure and unsafe in the world. Of course a diagnoses is more complicated then what I describe.

Music and the use of sound healing tools aren’t the only devices used to unblock chakras. Some people employ meditation, chants, yoga, and other energy self-practices in their lives. Ted Andrew and other sound healers recommend the use of toning (different vowel sounds for each chakra) and Andrew recommended singing the “Do, Re, Mi Song” from “The Sound of Music” although many people feel uncomfortable singing this song because it’s not an easy song to sing and if the chakras are blocked, the song is even harder to sing. 

So why is unblocking chakras so important to lifting the body’s vibration? Low and high vibration can’t co-exist. So what ended up happening with me is that I would attend a sound or energy healing event, get some work done on my body and then feel sick the next day. This wasn’t because energy medicine doesn’t work, but that in order to create well-being, the toxic energy or substances must be removed from the body to unblock low vibration energy. In fact, the more powerful healings practically left me bed-ridden for a day or two with a headache or nausea. Some people catch a virus after receiving a powerful healing and then they assume that the healing didn’t work. Just the opposite is true.

I recommend picking up metaphysical and energy healing books and familiarizing yourself with the chakra system. Then once you tune into where blockages occur, I recommend visiting an energy healer who can get you started in unblocking the chakras. And if this isn’t possible, attend a sound healing workshop or see if your library has sound healing CDs in its collection that you can check out. Please note that not all sound healing CDs are the same. Some were produced by sound healing professional/experts and others by musicians who know little about sound healing, but have an interest in it.

The next essay in the series will discuss the sources of high and low vibration.

Image from Wikepedia (search word, chakra).
Information on chakras from "The DNA of Healing" by Margaret Ruby, Hampton Roads, 2006.

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