Monday, November 9, 2015

Returning to the Healing Power of Music (Musician's Role for a New Age)

We've all known someone who experienced music being used in a hospital, hospice, peace vigil, peace rally, or other situation that involves healing. The wisdom of the ancients in regard to music has also returned to us via sound healing practices and music therapy, even in our daily lives. 

However, even knowing that music has a powerful transformational effect on our lives isn't enough unless we use music with intention and purpose. Obviously, we know that when we attend a rock concert or even a jazz concert we do so for entertainment. But often when we attend a world or traditional music concert or festival, the musicians usually educate us about the history, text, and even sometimes the healing properties of songs that they perform. In fact, it was when I delved into global music starting in 2003, that I learned about ancient history of musical uses.

And we can visit the healing of music through several avenues whether that's new age sound healing or academic and scientific music therapy or cultural anthropology focusing upon musical vibration. I have delved into all three as a journalist and now as a music researcher. I hold no academic degrees in music therapy or anthropology, but I do know how my own body reacts to vibration (even though we are all essentially different). Still, we have some truisms such as hateful text is not going to result in healing of any kind. The reason for that is hate is based on fear and dualism which means that we separate ourselves from the Divine or God or Source, whatever name you choose to use.

We live in a vibrational universe. Our thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions all contain vibration or frequencies. And since it is humans that create music for humans (leaving non-humans out of this particular post), our thoughts, feelings, and emotions end up in the final product. This is why it's of importance for musicians to pray or meditate before recording or performing music. The more aware musicians don't move forward without acknowledging their energy and I have run into this several times in interviewing musicians for this blog and for other publications.

The days of the egoist musician are about to end. We are remembering our griot roots whether or not we have African DNA because I'm using griot lightly here and inclusive. The role of the musician for this new age is to report what's happening in the vibrational field and not so much what fearful activities are happening the world which we recognize as illusions anyway. The musician's role these days is to raise their vibration to uplift others through music or organized sound. This does suggests a new type of music education that revolves around certain scales (some ancient), harmonies, text, and metaphysical wisdom.

Many of the music discoveries we made in recent years were either through synchronicity or seemingly through accident or what some people would call coincidence. But beyond all of that, what I believe is happening is that musicians recall their ancient music wisdom either through their DNA lineage such as with a griot or someone of another musical class (think India), or they are recalling what musician roles they performed in previous lifetimes. While practices such as music therapy appear new (or at least deriving from the early 20th Century), they are in fact ancient since the Greeks and Egyptians (and others) knew about the connection between musical vibrations and healing the mind, body, and spirit.

We know that sound healing has ancient roots as we have learned with the work of Jonathan Goldman and his contemporaries. So if you are a musician, it behooves you to study metaphysics and even energy healing. Many of you are already studying or practicing music therapy. BTW, music therapy is rising in popularity and several colleges and universities offer it in their programs. Do a Google search to find out which universities offer programs.

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