Sunday, November 15, 2015

Music Experiment (Swinging Moods)

I'm going to include 5 music videos here from different genres. Please listen to or watch the videos with headphones and keep track of the changing of your moods. If you keep a music diary, then write down your emotions and physical effects to the various tracks.

Be aware of nostalgic memories, mood you began with, attitudes towards certain genres, and it's best to close your eyes while listening, at least one time through the process. Watching the video will dilute the effect of listening to the music.

This exercise is to track moods caused by musical vibration. Notice timbre, chords, scales, contours of the melodies or harmonies. If you're a trained musicians this will be easier, but we can all do it.

First here is a track by the rock band R.E.M who at this time was more folk and acoustic sounding. This is off the band's first EP, Chronic Town.

Second, we're going to listen to the French swing band Paris Combo, a bouncy song called Living Room.

Third, we'll listen to a folk anthem cover performed by the 10,000 Maniacs

Fourth, will listen to a track by Miles Davis off his Kind of Blue album

And finally, we'll listen to a classical piece by Claude Debussy.

Some of the tracks have text which cause us to visualize scenarios while other tracks are instrumental so just use your imagination. However, remember to track your moods.

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