Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WME Top 10 Jazz Albums for 2013


#1 Virginie Teychene, Bright and Sweet, Jazz Village

2. Deborah Latz, Fig Tree, June Moon Productions

3. Mark Winkler, The Laura Nyro Project, Cafe Pacific Records

4. Nilson Mattas, Black Orpheus, Motema 

5. Joe Barbieri, Chet Lives!, Le Chant du Monde

6. Hector Del Curto, Eternal Piazzolla, Green Parrot

7. Ahmad Jamal, Saturday Morning, Jazz Village

8. Joe Locke, Lay Down My Heart, Motema

9. Ablaye Cissoko and Volker Goetz, Amanke Dionti, Motema 

10. Mulatu Astatke, Sketches of Ethiopia, Jazz Village

Coming up Top 10 Classical Albums and Top 10 World Music Albums...

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