Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Practice--Power of Words in Shaping Reality

The Beatles, Wikipedia, All You Need is Love
If you practice metaphysics or consider yourself new age then you are familiar with the power of words.  Similar to music, words contain vibrations and those vibrations shape our perceptions of reality.  I have also noticed that when you listen to a particular song, you carry the vibration of that song in your body, not to mention the effects are amplified each time your brain repeats the melody and words of the song.

Some people don't care about the "reality" they create and they also don't wish to take responsibility for what they create with their words, thoughts, emotions and perceptions.  I'm not addressing that crowd.  I prefer to address those of you who are on the road to mastership of co-creating and prefer to empower yourself with words, music, and sound vibrations.  Most of us may never reach mastership, but why not take the journey anyway and grow more conscious each day on the journey?

As a musician, writer and metaphysical practitioner, I don't always pay attention to my words or language I tend to use.  I have caught myself using violent language or at least darker words when I could have chosen otherwise.  Actually, I feel that my Spirit Guides point this out to me.  When I was younger and a rock musician, I listened to any song on the radio and I wrote dark lyrics.  I didn't do this because I wanted to act in a destructive manner, I did this out of pure ignorance.  Fortunately, I learned about kirtans and sound healing and I could cancel out some of those negative vibrations.  However, Dr. Masaru Emoto's work with water crystals awakened my consciousness around words and music.

So as an experiment try listening to this kirtan or any kirtan when you feel that you have headed into a negative tailspin.  You could also use singing bowls or tuning forks to clear your energy field if you have those tools available.  Didgeridoo and shakers will also break up and clear that energy.  So I'm also including a link to didgeridoo.  Then finally, I have selected three songs with powerful life-affirming lyrics.  These aren't sacred songs, but they come from popular music traditions.  


Deva Premal


Ryka Ali

Pop Songs:

All You Need is Love

Helen Reddy (empowering)
I am Woman

Ruthie Foster (words by Maya Angelou)
Phenomenal Woman  

Try these tunes out on your chakras and feel them clear.

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