Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Article Round Up--Music and Mindfulness

 Print Publications:

I found a new magazine Mindful at the library and in the August 2013 issue, the editors included an article on Evelyn Glennie (the deaf percussionist from Scotland), "Tune in, Turn on" written by Mariko Jesse.  Since I promote mindfulness through music, I highly recommend reading this article and the new magazine.


In the March/April 2013 issue of Natural Health magazine,  a brief news piece on page 24 mentions mindful eating while listening to soft jazz music.  The article is based on a study in Psychological Reports.  You might also check out Brian Wansinka, Ph.D. book Mindless Eating (Bantam).


Online articles:

Also check out the Guardian article, "Head First: Mindfulness and Music."


"Mindfulness and Meditation Boosts Music Engagement, Study Finds", Huffington Post 


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