Monday, August 12, 2013

The Practice--Invigorate You

Salsa dancing, Mexico, Wikipedia
Music Videos to get your blood pumping, and to inspire your heart...

Often midday we feel sluggish and we feel tempted to take a nap or down another cup of coffee.  However, I encourage you to forgo the caffeine and take a music break instead.  The best way to do this is to start with a slower to moderate beat per minute song and gradually build up to rousing Latin, African, or other high-energy music.  Some of the music traditions from the Subcontinent can also provide you with invigorating beats. Take a 20 minute to 30 minute music break, and at least a 10 minute music break.

You can even take a short trip over to YouTube and listen to the following songs:

Let's start with Habib Koite and Bamada from Mali with a medium tempo with an uplifting melody:

At relatively the same tempo, here is Ana Moura singing an uptempo fado from Portugal

For wildly uptempo music here is Musafir (A Rajasthani Gypsy band from India)

And dance music from Colombia (this is most likely coffee-induced music!)

And if those last two songs don't wake you up from an afternoon slump, get a health checkup from a doctor.

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