Sunday, February 10, 2013

In review--Global Masks & Myth-makers

Will Clipman
Myths & Masks (DVD/Educational)
Will Clipman/Independent

Will Clipman, master drummer/myth-maker/educator is the busiest musician I know.  If he’s not touring with R. Carlos Nakai’s band in Russia, appearing in concert in Phoenix, or recording with any of the Canyon Records musicians, he’s educating children about global cultures.  His educational DVD Myths & Masks features homemade percussion instruments, homemade masks and poetic myths about tribal people in Africa, Australia, and the American Southwest.  The purpose of Clipman’s delightful DVD revolves around representing humanity through stories that unite us and define this great blue planet where we reside.

Clipman opens his concert with a djembe solo which sets the mystical space where Clipman shares his global myths.  With each masks representing Burkina Faso, the Australian Aborigines, the Kalihari Bushmen and the Pima Indians Clipman transforms into tribal different tribal storytellers.  He accompanies his stories with percussion instruments related to each region, such as a balafon representing Burkina Faso and the didgeridoo for Australia’s outback.  Oddly, Clipman’s chooses tribes who live in deserts also known as “the bush”.  Is this because Clipman lives in the Sonoran Desert?

Extra features include a television news show interview with the Grammy-nominee Clipman and a segment on mask making which shows Clipman in action with an artist’s residency program for grade school children.  If you’re a teacher reading this review, the DVD and Clipman are available for cultural enrichment programs in the schools.  That’s if he’s not on a world tour with R. Carlos, or if he’s not in the recording studio offering his drumming expertise...

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