Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In review--Good Vibes

Trish Hatley
Sing, Ask and It Is Given
Independent release

Trish Hatley, a super fine jazz vocalist, first told me about her affirmations CD in 2010.  Since I had heard unsatisfactory affirmation recordings set to cheesy programmed music, I wasn’t too keen on reviewing a new affirmation songs CD.  I also balked at any mention of the law of attraction which I didn’t jive with at that time.  Fast forward to the tail end of 2012, when I invited Hatley to appear in my book Whole Music and she mentioned the affirmations CD--a gentle reminder.  Since I was further on board with law of attraction, I agreed to give the CD a listen.

Hatley’s CD swings and she joins her regular band of jazz players who defy the new age music genre.  The songs you hear on Sing, Ask and It Is Given represent Hatley’s first time as a songwriter where she combines catchy lyrics with driving melodies.  The songs have style to burn too from swing to jazz ballads and bossa nova.  Hatley writes real lyrics, not mantras and she gives space to her players to perform solos so you hear sparkling horns, jazz drums, guitar and bass.  And you can listen to these songs anytime--while driving, while working, or even during a romantic dinner and you’ll keep a positive vibe going.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard a gorgeous melody or even a catchy melody with negative lyrics.  And as a music researcher, my main concern is raising people’s physical, emotional and spiritual frequencies.  A catchy melody helps, but the words we listen to have a more powerful effect our consciousness than most people admit.  Words carry vibration so it’s not enough to compose beautiful melodies, harmonies and luscious rhythms without uplifting lyrics to match, if your goal is to lift vibration.

Musically speaking, Good Good Vibration, I’m Gettin’ Better Every Day and Attitude of Gratitude beg us to dance.  And you’ll find yourself singing along before you know it too.  And by chance if the songs create a groove in your consciousness in the form of an earworm, at least you change old habits and beliefs.  I highly recommend this swing CD for people wishing to attract good vibes in their lives.  Beats the alternative.

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