Saturday, December 1, 2012

Top 10 World Music & Folkloric CDs of 2012

World and folkloric recordings make up the bulk of CDs I reviewed in 2012.  Because of that, I came up with two top 10 lists for World Music.  You'll find the other list on World Music Central later this month,

For the purpose of this list, World Music includes Americana and Native American along with Latin American, African, and European recordings (excluding jazz and classical).   This list is not in any specific order.

1. Antonio Zambujo, Quinto, World Village (Portugal)

2. Le Vent Du Nord, Tromper Le Temps, Borealis Records (Canada)

3, Radmilla Cody with Herman Cody, Songs for the People, Canyon (Navajo/US)

4. Lo'Jo, Cinema el Mundo, World Village (France)

5. Hijos de Agueybana, Agua del Sol, Tumi Music (Puerto Rico)

6. The Mountain Music Project, A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya, Independent release (US/Nepal)

7. Good Lovelies, Let The Rain Fall, Warner Music Group (Canada)

8. The Toure-Raichel Collective, The Tel Aviv Session, Cumbancha (Mali/Israel)

9. Silvana Kane, La Jardinera, Six Degrees Records (Canada/Peru)

10. Os Cempes, Tentemozo, Folmusica (Spain)

Special Mention:

Ceumar, Sons Do Brasil, Arc Music

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