Friday, September 7, 2012

Video Round-up for first week of September 2012

As I continue this new tradition of including 5 YouTube videos that portray music consciousness, I hope that you will watch the videos for inspiration.

1. Evelyn Glennie,

The deaf drummer gives a discussion about our entire bodies resonating sounds.  She shows us how to truly listen to music.  I wonder if Beethoven also had this philosophy.

2. Jose Antonio Abreu,

This Venezeulan humanitarian helped to solve juvanile deliquency in his country through founding a youth orchestra.  The project was so successful that some of the orchestra's former members now enjoy international music careers, including Gustavo Dudemal, who now acts as a conductor and music director for the Los Angeles Symphony.

3. Gustavo Dudemal,

Well, watch the video to experience the excitement of this Latin American audience witnessing a top youth orchestra, made up of children from different economic backgrounds and experiences.

4. Violetta Parra,

The late Chilean poet and songwriter was a founder of the neuvo cancion (new song) movement of South America, which combined music of indigenous people, socio-political messages, and Latin American poetry.  Sadly, this beautiful voice ended her life decades ago.

5. Keola Beamer,

Part one of a documentary on Hawaiian slack key master Keola Beamer.  You'll fall in love with this instrument and this musician.

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