Sunday, September 9, 2012

In review--Maqams and Moods

Road Poem

Wahid (Dimitris Mahlis, oud and Chris Wabich, percussion), features a semi-contemporary approach to Middle Eastern oud and Turkish maqam (classical scales and melodies) on the live recording Road Poem.  When I first read about the musicians’ rock and jazz backgrounds, I wasn’t sure what sound to expect.  Too modern of a sound and I would have felt turned off, but when this type of music is played with reverence combined with a pioneering spirit, the result is often mesmerizing.  The playing sounds mature as the musicians wed “Byzantine modes and Turkish maqams” (press notes), on seven original songs.  The album release date is September 25, followed by a tour TBA at 
(Note: This is an unsolicited CD and my policy is that I only review solicited CDs, due to time constraints.  I thought Road Poem was worth a mention so it has a short review).

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