Monday, July 30, 2012

In review--Voice liberation

Silvia Nakkach
and Valerie Carpenter
Free Your Voice
Awaken to Life Through Singing
Sounds True

Cross-cultural sound healer and vocalist Silvia Nakkach provides a handbook for healing yourself and others through voice with Free Your Voice.  Only the first 64 pages of the book give an overview of the physiology of voice, a description of vocal techniques from around the globe, as well as a list of benefits that come from working with your voice. The second half of the book acts as a virtual workshop with exercises with online music samples.  The exercises range from simple mind-body meditations to singing raga scales.  (Note: I wasn’t able to do the exercises because I did not have access to the online music).

However, I’m impressed with the breadth and scope of Nakkach’s vocal wisdom, her musical expertise, and her engaging writing style.  Personally, I would enjoy going deeper with this book and the exercises in it.  The power of voice is something we can all access, despite what others have told us about our vocal talent.  The voice is also the only instrument that we carry with us, but finding access to this vocal power takes effort.  This might include using energy work to release blockages, possibly taking voice lessons, and certainly taking one of Nakkach’s workshops.  You can start by obtaining this book.  Whether you work with vocal harmonics, overtone singing, or sing kirtans, you will find appropriate vocal-building and self-esteem building exercises in the pages of Free Your Voice.

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