Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In review--Trust Therapy

Samite Mulondo, Charles Evans, Jr., & Tony Cedras

I admit that I have sat on the recording Trust by Samite, Charles Evans, Jr. and Tony Cedras for over a month because I didn’t know how to frame the music on the CD.  First, and most important, Trust acts as a fundraising album for Samite’s nonprofit Musicians for World Harmony which brings music and music therapy to at-risk groups in Africa, mainly East Africa.  Second, the CD comes with a warning that the music that appears on the recording is from the movie Addiction Incorporated in which Samite composed the soundtrack.  And with all that gravity, you probably expect sad ballads with social messages, none of which you will find on this CD.

The musicians mention in the press notes that they wanted to create a danceable African recording without drums.  And darn if you don’t want to get up and dance listening to these polyrhythmic songs that feature acoustic guitar, and accordion played South African style,  Samite’s kalimba, flute, and vocals, along with a diverse lineup of guest musicians bringing in horns, penny whistles, cello, percussion, electric guitar, and bass to the mix.  Yet, even with this menagerie of instruments, Samite’s signature comes through, just interpreted through new eyes of the guest musicians. Take a listen to Wise Man's Story and you will recognize one of Samite's songs reincarnated for this album. Trust falls into world-jazz with the horns coming on board and the effervescent production comes through crystal clear.

So if you seek happier music and want to support a good cause of healing refugees and war victims through music therapy, then pick up Trust.  Everybody wins., and

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