Friday, April 27, 2012

Practice It--Power Songs Make You Strong

Some music listeners prefer movie soundtracks for escape and healing purposes.  "The Sound of Music" gets the most mentions.  I have heard and read that the "Do re mi" song clears blocked chakras.  You can learn more about this in the late Ted Andrews' book, "Sacred Sounds".

While Julia Cameron promotes morning pages (journaling therapy), I promote the concept of the music diary (keeping track of music's effects on your mind and body).  One of the tools that derives from the music diary is a set of power songs.  By tracking different music styles and songs on your mind, body, emotions, and neurological system, you discover at least 5 must-have songs that help you with insomnia, uplifting hour moods, energy-building, or for catharis (unblocking emotions).

I give you an example of 5 of my power songs and their uses.  You might include these songs in your music tool kit or choose your own based on your musical observations.  I also mention that you need to put this tool kit together before you suffer from insomnia, exhaustion, depression, or feel blocked.  It's not much fun guessing which music you need in the moment of a crisis.  Do the work and plan ahead.

1. Confidence-building--Ruthie Foster's "Phenomenal Woman," from the CD "Phenomenal Ruthie Foster" (Blue Corn Records).

2. Mood lifter--Mozart's "Clarinet Concerto" (No specific recording)

3. Overcoming obstacles--Beethoven's "Fifth Symphony" (In its entirety or just the 1st movement)

4. Empowerment--Bob Marley's "Exodus" (Power to the people...)

5. Spiritual hope/escape--Earth Wind & Fire, "Fantasy" (Greatest Hits, Vol 1 & 2)

This is just a quick example.  I actually have tons of songs in my musical tool kit with 600 albums at my disposal.

If I want to connect to nature I listen to Native American or other indigenous music, especially drums and flute.  If I want to cure a headache or dealing with female hormone issues I listen to Anonymous 4, or the Wailin' Jennys, the Good Lovelies also work in this regard.  If I need mother energy, I listen to Mary Youngblood's albums and so on.

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