Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Practice: Unblocking the first chakra

While I was listening to Earth Wind & Fire this morning a thought occurred to me.  We all need to heal and clear our first chakra, as individuals, as communities, as nations, and on the entire planet.  As you know, the first chakra represents our roots, our powerbase, and our survival skills and tools.  When this chakra contains blocks we are unable to find employment, pay our bills, we feel powerless, and angry because anger, grief and other challenging emotions form the blockage.

So I am going to suggest listening to three songs by Earth Wind & Fire, as I did this morning.  You can find these songs on The Best of Earth Wind & Fire, Vol. 1 or on YouTube.  Your library most likely carries this album or you can pick it up used at a record store and if you feel brazen with your money flow, buy the album new, and support these great musicians.

1) Listen to That's the Way of the World first.  For me, this song with its message of love and peace brought tears gushing to my eyes.  I felt that I had a strong reaction but tears clear chakras; tears move energy.  You might have a different reaction but trust your emotions.

2) Next listen to Shining Star.  I recommend this particular song for several reasons.  The funky bass, drums, etc grind at your lower chakras, especially the first two.  Then by the time you hear the chorus, your energy flows into your third chakra, (possibly the fourth chakra too), especially because the text strokes your ego and soul at the same time.  The only caveat is if you're super sensitive the electric guitar in the higher registers might rattle your nerves.  However, that electric guitar can also release anger from the chakras. So it's your call.

3) End with Fantasy.  This peaceful and spiritual song empowers listeners with its vocal harmonies, soul-liberating text, and dreamy music arrangement.  The text to all three songs contain powerful phrases, vocal harmonies, and danceable rhythms.  In fact, if you sing along to the songs or dance to Shining Star, you're going to move energy much quicker than if you just sit and listen to the songs. 

Listen to these songs every morning if possible and see if your financial situation or other situations that leave you feeling powerless loosen their grip.  You also send out these vibrations across the planet.  The more people who listen to these songs on a regular basis, the better.  Finally, don't just stick with these three songs, this band has a lot to offer where channeled music is concerned. 

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