Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Practice: Breakfast Music

These days, I'm practicing what I preach about the healing power of music.  During winter days I have a difficult time waking up, but I like to greet the sunrise at least.  So today, (and I recommend this practice), I pulled out Michel Camillo and the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra's Rhapsody in Blue (a George Gershwin classic) and I listened to it while I watched the sun rise.

Of course you have a variety of morning music to choose from, such as Indian morning ragas, kirtans, Gregorian chants for specific times of day, the morning piece of Ferde Groffe's The Grand Canyon Suite, etc...  Basically you need a piece of music that last at least 10 minutes or if you have time up to 30 minutes then meditate on the sun rising as you listen to the music via headphones (if you don't want to wake others up).  You can also choose music for sun set too.

If you want to take an afternoon break, pull out Claude Debussy's Prelude to the Afternoon of the Faun or La Mer.  During a hot summer day you can sit out in the sun, listening to the delicate prelude while eating juicy grapes.  Why not use your imagination to take you on a trip backwards in time to a Greek Island?

The key is when you take a music break employ all your senses and allow your imagination to roam, just not to negative and defeating thoughts.  This is why you need to choose uplifting music with a strong resonance.  Enjoy your musical interlude.  BTW, the Debussy pieces connect you to nature via music.

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