Sunday, August 21, 2011

FYI: Music and Food Digestion

photo by Patricia Herlevi
Just a note on an observation from the other day.  I walked through two different scenarios.  The first one, I walked through the Bellingham Farmers Market and felt a good vibe from street musicians performing on acoustic instruments, different types of traditional or folk type music. 

The second scenario, I walked through (as quickly as possible), through the food booths set up for the Taste of Bellingham festival and felt assaulted by a psychedelic grunge band.  Knowing what I know about music entrainment and resonance, not to mention, the best music for food digestion, it baffles me why so many people are still unconscious about the effects of sound on their bodies.

While I wasn't going to stop in the middle of the street and preach to deaf ears, I knew that I wouldn't be stopping by any food booths along that street and possibly missing out on supporting a good cause. The mixture of hot sun + crowds + food diversity + driving music would have lead to an upset stomach and headache.

Ironically, I passed by a quaint chocolate cafe where I heard classical guitar music filtering out onto the street.  Now, that felt inviting and the owners of that chocolate shop must have had some knowledge of creating the right ambience with music.  Perhaps there are more music conscious folks than I imagine.

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