Friday, April 30, 2010

In review--Brazilian Guitar Retrospective

Ricardo Silveira
‘til Tomorrow
Adventure Music

Brazilian jazz guitarist Ricardo Silveira’s ‘til Tomorrow blasts off with the adventurous Rocket’s Tail. Silveira’s guitar dazzles as it converses with flutes and Brazilian percussion. Overall the career retrospective recording which chronicles several albums dating back to 1984 with Silveira’s debut radiates a warm and generous vibe. I’ve already listened to it several times and visualize sunny beaches and smiling laidback people. This is Brazilian jazz after all.

Silveira provides clever arrangements which he handed over to an array of exceptional players. Lush horns, plenty of flute and beautiful guitar work dominate this recording. The track You Can Get What You Want portrays a snappy conversation between the guitar and horns. Two Brothers Mountain slows down the pace and creates a romantic mood. The samba Woodpecker’s Sound alternates between frantic horns, guitar and kit drum with a slow, dreamy interlude. The musicians aptly titled Good to Play since it features a fun and sprightly guitar punctuated by horn flourishes. Bahia Drive sports a calypso sound with its marimba and might conjure up a beach party in some listeners. In fact, you probably don’t want to listen to this sunny recording if you need to concentrate on your work.

Fans of Stan Getz/Gilberto Gil and Celso Fonseca recordings would find that ‘til tomorrow offers a lovely excursion. The instrumental album might seem forward on the first listen. The magic and surprise twists don’t reveal themselves until subsequent listens. And I recommend that you focus on the music on this disc rather than relegate it to the background. The music would be too distracting for multitasking anyway and musicians of this caliber deserve our undivided attention.

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