Friday, December 4, 2009

Top Recordings of the Decade (2000-09)

A Decade of Music: Top Recordings from 2000-09

Lo'Jo, World Village
NPR (National Public Radio) came up with lists of favorite recordings from the last decade.  So I thought I would do the same, but what would be my criteria? Can I include albums produced in 2001 or 2008, if I received those albums years after the release date?

I actually have a lot more favorites than what you will see on this list.  All the recordings fall into the world music genre because that is the only genre that I have reviewed for most of the decade.  I started reviewing world music recordings in 2002 when I launched my first music website, Cranky Crow World Music.  Then I began contributing reviews to World Music Central in the spring of 2003.  I did come across older recordings (2000 and 2001), during my first few years of reviewing.  And yes, I am including recordings that I did not receive the same year they were released.  Two examples of that are Barbara Furtuna's In Santa Place (2008) and  the Galician recording Nordistina (2006), which I received in 2009.

Uxia, World Village, Folmusica
You will also find a few ties on the list.  I have reviewed hundreds of recordings in the past decade.  And if it was not for this huge exploration of music from around the world, I would have never learned about the healing aspects of music, mainly on myself, nor would I feel like a world citizen.  I learned geography, history, anthropology, and about diverse musical traditions.  On some days I relate to the Alan Lomaxes of the world.

So here's a huge salute to the past decade of music!  We made it this far, let's keep going.

2000--Gjallarhorn, Sjofn, NorthSide Records

2001--Vasen, Live at the Nordic Roots Festival, NorthSide
AND Barrio Chino, Mediterra Nostra, Tinder Records

2002--Lo'Jo, Au Cabaret Sauvage, World Village

2003--Varttina, Iki, NorthSide
AND Cristina Branco, Sensus, Decca/Universal

2004--Mariana Montalvo, Piel de Acceituna, World Village

2005--Jean-Paul Poletti & Le Choeur De Sartene, Terra Mea, Universal France

2006--Michel Camilo & Tomatito, Spain Again, Universal
AND *Abe Rabade, Guadi Galego & Ugia Pedreira, Nordistina, Falcatruada

2007--Mariza, Concerto em Lisboa, Time Square
AND Habib Koite & Bamada, Afriki, Cumbancha

2008--*Barbara Furtuna, In Santa Place, Buda Musique
AND Shastriya Syndicate, Syndicated, Sense World Music

2009--Uxia, Eterno Naviga, World Village

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