Monday, September 28, 2009

Poetry--Universal Music

Universal Song

When God created music and heard the first human sing, God had an idea. Place the most beautiful harmonies up on the mountain tops give that gift to shepherds and cowherds.

Sprinkle New Orleans with lots of spice, musical strains from everywhere unite in celebration---march on saints!

In India, the twangs of ancient instruments and vibrato voices linger in halls of the gods and goddesses, holding a center of peaceful bliss.

In Africa and the Caribbean, a cacophony of languages and polyrhythms allow humans an aerobic workout--sexual tension released.

Climbing the Andes, pan flutes of peasants and Indians resonate in thin air. And further up the Americas, Native Americans pound on the community drum and sing about tribal life.

Throughout the planet, horns, bells, whistles, flutes, shawms and trombones ring out, clarinets and saxophones swirl with Italian accordions, fiddles and violins strike chords and everyone joins their voices into a peace choir.

Women and men must sing, musicians must play, people and other creatures must heal--there is no other way.

Take me to New Orleans, I want to march with those musical saints!

Patricia Herlevi, September 28, 2009

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