Friday, May 1, 2009

In review--All the buzz

Marjorie de Muynck
Vibrational Healing Music
Sounds True

When it comes to psycho-acoustics and sound healing integrity, healer-musician-composer Marjorie de Muynck is at the top of the list. Her recording, In the Key of Earth (Sounds True), proved time again, to lift vibrations from my home environment. And de Muynck does so by recording only acoustic instruments, including overtones from those instruments. Her latest recording, Vibrational Healing Music represents another pioneering effort. The recording offers a fabulous marriage between nature spirits (not just the sound of waves and birds chirping), and acoustic instruments. But de Muynck takes this musical venture even further by setting moods that she experienced as a child in the Midwest and Oklahoma.

We can be thankful then, that de Muynck’s Native American grandparents did not own a television set and they would sit on the porch with their granddaughter in the evening listening to the music of the natural world. The composer captures this natural world of childhood past, by including bees, cicadas, bats, a hummingbird and a crow, along with the lonely prairie sound of a harmonica, pedal steel guitar and a dobro. Her other inspiration, also a lofty one, comes from Dvorak’s New World Symphony. De Muynck even includes a quote from that symphony.

De Muyck’s background includes research with the effects of electromagnetic fields on animals and humans, acupuncture, working with sound healing tools such as tuning forks (Ohm tuning forks), composing and performing jazz, classical and other types of music. That’s the short list of her accomplishments. And all of that has been brought to her work with Vibrational healing Music.

However, this is not only a sound healing recording. The field recordings of non-humans, the inspirations of John Cage and Antonin Dvorak and Dick Orr’s recording of a barrel cactus, suggests an experiment where the natural world, nonhumans and humans vibrate as one being. The last track, One Vibration hints of this connection. This track includes a two minute sample of Jim Wilson’s God’s Cricket Chorus, which sounds like a human choir!

While some of the field recordings of bees, cicadas, etc have been speeded up and slowed down, and while no recording is completely free of EMFs, (especially when I play the recording on my laptop), acoustic instruments and overtones prove healing and the sound of the birds and bees, feels harmonious. Definitely, add this one to your music medicine chest, but also listen to it for the sheer pleasure of it.

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