Sunday, December 7, 2008

In review--Turkish modes & Sephardic songs

Kaila Flexer & Gari Hegedus
Next Village Music

It takes a global village to make an album these days, or at least culturally speaking. A few years ago fusion projects were a novelty item, but today, it appears to be a brave new world where musicians forge new paths over bridges built between cultures.

Jewish violinist Kaila Flexer and lutenist Gari Hegedus (who I first heard as part of the duo Stellamara), combined their musical passions on Teslim. On this recording, the musicians gleaned from Turkish modes, Sephardic songs, while also adding Celtic, Armenian and Greek music to the mix. This all-acoustic album which features violin, viola, various lutes and exotic percussion, also includes the Swedish national treasure, a nyckelharpa performed by Vasen's Olov Johansson (Stone's Throw). The musician popped into the studio while he was traveling through and contributed to the global village sound.

This exotic collection of songs, both traditional and newly composed, sets a melancholic mood. The musicians explore their passions while offering us a pleasurable experience. And in the press notes both musicians mentioned that they had hit dry spots in their musical endeavors until this project revived their love for music. Let this CD also revive your passion for gorgeously rendered acoustic music. Discover the world through the eyes and ears of global musicians.

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